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HS 10″ Green Glass Buoy Float with Rope – Nautical Décor from the Sea


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Add a touch of ocean charm to your home with the HS 10″ Green Glass Buoy Float. Evoking the adventure of life at sea, this decorative float makes a handsome nautical accent for any space.

Iconic Design, Enduring Craftsmanship

Inspired by the glass fishing floats used for centuries to keep nets afloat, this buoy float embodies classic maritime style. The handmade green glass orb measures 10″ in diameter, capturing the generous proportions of antique floats.

While the functional days of glass buoy floats have passed, their place in nautical lore lives on. Display this float as a tribute to the hardy fishermen and sailors who once depended on these strong, watertight floats.

The thick, swirling glass was skillfully blown by experienced artisans. The bold green color and air bubbles trapped within the glass add fascinating depth and texture. This distinctive float will become a cherished part of your coastal décor.

Hanging Display for Versatile Use

This buoy float includes an 18” twisted rope for hanging. The natural jute-colored rope contrasts beautifully with the rich green glass. Use the rope to suspend the float in a sunny window or from a beam or hook.

Hang the float above a bar or kitchen island for casual coastal ambiance. Display it on a covered patio or poolside cabana to accent your outdoor oasis. Let it set the scene in a beach-themed bathroom or as part of a curated gallery wall. Wherever it’s displayed, it lends a dash of seafaring spirit.

Charm of the Sea for Home Décor

With its weathered, organic aesthetic, this glass float adds an authentic touch of the sea to home décor. The translucent green glass takes on a watery, wave-like quality. When hit with sunlight, shadows dance across its cased glass surface like sunlight rippling across the ocean.

Use this glass float to infuse coastal, nautical and tropical decor themes with natural texture and depth. Pair it with natural elements like shells, driftwood, rope and netting to create the ambiance of a weathered seaside cottage.

Let this glass float spark dreams of salty air and ocean voyages. Display it as a reminder of cherished vacations along the shore. Let it wash your home with memories of sunshine on the waves.

Decorative Details:

  • Hand blown glass construction
  • Mouth-blown process creates air bubbles within the glass
  • Green glass color with white swirls
  • 10” diameter orb
  • 18” twisted jute rope for hanging
  • Rope color may vary
  • Handmade, so size and appearance may vary

Immerse yourself in the allure of the sea each time you look at the HS 10” Green Glass Buoy Float. With its weathered beauty and natural charm, this decorative float infuses nautical style into any space. Let this rugged ocean wanderer transport you to cherished seaside places.


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