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HUNTIT Hunting Backpack – Versatile Hunting Day Pack with Built-in Aluminum Frame and Expandable Meat Compartment




The HUNTIT Hunting Backpack is the ultimate hunting companion designed to carry all your gear for successful single to multi-day excursions in the field. This versatile pack features an expandable meat compartment, built-in aluminum frame, rifle/bow boot, and customizable storage options to accommodate any hunt.

Versatile Storage for Short or Long Hunts

Whether you’re gearing up for a quick morning hunt or a multiple day backcountry trip, the HUNTIT pack has you covered. The main compartment provides a spacious 2,500 cubic inches of storage that expands to 4,000 cubic inches to fit extra clothes, food, and equipment for longer excursions.

The front pocket and dual side pouches offer quick-access storage for items you need on the go. Multiple exterior straps and compression straps allow you to securely attach bulky gear and cinch everything down. Interior dividers help keep your gear organized and easily accessible.

Lightweight and mobile for short hunts yet robust enough even for weeklong elk hunts deep in the wilderness. Wherever the hunt takes you, this backpack offers the versatile storage to come prepared.

Built-in Aluminum Frame for Heavy Loads

This hunting pack features a built-in aluminum frame that transfers weight to your hips for greater comfort under heavy loads. The contoured aluminum stays run vertically along the backpack’s interior to add strength and stability when carrying meat, gear, and other bulky cargo.

The sturdy metal frame prevents sagging and allows you to haul heavy loads over long distances and uneven terrain. The frame is lightweight so it doesn’t add unnecessary pounds on your back. Get lasting performance from this frame that won’t bend or break over years of rugged use.

Expandable Meat Compartment to Safely Store Your Kill

After a successful hunt, safely carry and store your meat in the integrated expandable meat compartment. The compartment folds out from the bottom of the backpack to provide extra room for hauling deer, elk, or other large game.

The blood-proof TPU-coated material keeps blood and moisture from leaking out. The bag also features ventilation to allow air flow and prevent spoilage. Dual compression straps let you cinch down the load for a balanced, stable carry. Your hard-earned meat will arrive back home in perfect condition.

Rifle Boot and Bow Holder for Easy Transport

The HUNTIT hunting backpack allows you to comfortably carry your rifle or bow thanks to the built-in rifle boot and straps. The padded rifle boot provides safe transport for your bolt-action rifle or shotgun. Simply detach the barrel, place the action in the boot, and reattach for hands-free carrying.

For archery hunts, utilize the multiple exterior straps to securely fasten your compound or recurve bow for easy transport through rugged terrain. The pack also features a detachable holster belt for carrying handguns on your hip. All your essential hunting weapons are within reach for quick access in the field.

Ergonomic Design Distributes Weight Evenly

An ergonomic design featuring adjustable torso length, padded shoulder straps, and a padded waist belt help evenly distribute weight for comfortable carrying. The adjustable torso lets you custom fit the backpack’s frame to your height.

Breathable shoulder straps with chest compression straps stabilize heavy loads. A padded waist belt with pockets transfers weight to your hips – right where you want it. Enjoy miles-long hikes even under heavy pack weights thanks to the ergonomic carrying system.

Be Prepared on Every Hunt with the HUNTIT Hunting Backpack

The HUNTIT hunting backpack is built to carry all your gear on every adventure. The versatile storage and integrated aluminum frame comfortably handles any load on hikes deep into the wilderness. Keep your catch cold in the protected meat compartment for the hike home after a successful day. With your equipment sorted and within reach, you can focus on the hunt knowing your backpack has you covered.


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