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iCOVER Kayak Cover Heavy Duty Waterproof Canoe Cover UV Resistant Fishing Boat Cover for Outdoor Storage Fits 10.8-12ft Kayak


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Keep your kayak protected from the elements with the iCOVER Kayak Cover. Designed to fit a variety of boats 10.8-12 feet in length, this heavy duty cover shields your vessel from rain, snow, sun damage, dirt, bird droppings, and more during storage, mooring, and transport.

Constructed from marine grade polyester, this cover is lightweight yet extremely tough and durable. The UV resistant material blocks out harsh rays that can cause cracking, peeling, and fading over time. Waterproofing keeps your kayak dry, while the reflective layer makes it easy to brush off dirt and debris.

An elastic cord sewn into the hem delivers a tight, customized fit around your kayak’s hull. Three adjustable straps with quick release buckles allow you to easily tighten and secure the cover in place. This snug fit keeps winds from whipping underneath and blowing the cover off.

The extra roomy cut provides plenty of overlap around the cockpit and stern for full protection. Double stitched seams withstand years of wear and tear from outdoor exposure and regular use without splitting or unraveling. Whether you store your vessel vertically or horizontally, this cover has you covered.

Ideal for storing your kayak in the backyard or garage when not in use. The water-repellent and UV reflective properties keep your boat looking like new season after season. No need to hassle with a tarp that can blow away in the wind. This form fitting cover stays securely in place.

Great for transporting your kayak to and from the water. The tight fit and adjustable straps prevent flap or billowing during transit, and the padded hem protects your kayak from nicks and abrasions. Arrive at the launch with your boat looking as pristine as the day you bought it.

Moor your vessel securely with this snug cover. The strong polyester withstands wind, rain, and sun exposure when your kayak is docked. Keep birds and critters from turning your cockpit into their personal toilet or nest. High visibility reflective accents allow other boaters to spot your kayak easily.

Designed with convenient features like heat-sealed seams throughout and an integrated storage bag. The bag lets you easily contain the cover when not in use. Heat sealing creates durable joints without needle holes that can leak over time.

This cover fits a wide range of sit-in and sit-on-top kayak models 10.8-12 feet in length. Available in 5 other sizes to accommodate boats 9-18 feet. Protect tandem kayaks, touring kayaks, whitewater kayaks, fishing kayaks, recreational kayaks, and more.

Shield your paddle boat investment with this rugged kayak cover from iCOVER. The heavy duty waterproof and UV resistant material keeps your vessel protected season after season. Order now to keep your kayak clean, dry and damage-free for years of paddling adventures.


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