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Ignite Landscape Lighting 3-Watt Brass LED Spotlight for Gardens, Ponds, and Water Features


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Illuminate and enhance your outdoor living areas with the brilliant Ignite Landscape Lighting 3-Watt Brass LED Spotlight. This adjustable and versatile light provides beautiful accent lighting to make your landscaping shine.

Brilliant 2800K Warm White Light

At the heart of this LED spotlight is a cutting-edge 3-watt LED that produces a stunning 180 lumens of warm white light at a color temperature of 2800K. This tone is perfect for creating a welcoming ambiance for your patio, garden, or outdoor living space.

The LED technology is energy efficient and long lasting. It provides bright, vibrant light using just a fraction of the energy of traditional incandescent or halogen lighting.

Completely Submersible

A unique feature of this landscape spotlight is its completely waterproof and submersible construction. It can be installed directly into ponds or water features up to 3 feet deep. The tight brass seals prevent moisture from entering, allowing it to provide gorgeous lighting effects underwater.

Illuminate your pond or fountain with a mesmerizing ripple of light. The possibilities are endless for creative and stunning water lighting effects.

Versatile and Adjustable Lighting

This versatile LED spotlight includes several mounting options to position the light precisely where you want it. Choose from the ground stake, tree mount, deck mount or masonry screw base. Adjust and angle the fixture head both vertically and horizontally to highlight architectural and landscaping features.

At 60 degrees, the focused beam spotlight effect accents foliage, pathways, specimen plants and more. The five-inch diameter hood prevents unwanted glare.

Quality Construction Built to Last

Constructed from solid brass, this LED spotlight is built to withstand the elements year after year. The brass has a protective powder coating to prevent corrosion and scratches over time.

Internally, silicone seals protect the LED and electrical components from moisture. You can install this light with confidence that it will provide years of reliable performance.

Low Voltage for Safety and Simplicity

This LED spotlight runs on standard 12V low voltage power, making installation easy and safe. Simply connect it to a low voltage transformer and power supply using the included 20 foot cable. Low voltage lighting won’t overload your circuits like high voltage lights can.

There’s no electrical contractors or complex wiring required. Installation is straightforward for any DIY homeowner. Low voltage also reduces the risk of shocks or electrocution from accidental water exposure.

Smart Lighting Automation

For added convenience, pair this low voltage LED spotlight with an Ignite lighting controller. This allows you to turn your landscape lighting on or off remotely from your smartphone or tablet. Scheduling and timers allow you to automate the lighting as desired.

It also integrates seamlessly with smart home systems like Amazon Alexa, Google Home and more for voice activated control.

Five Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Ignite Landscape Lighting engineers their products to provide years of reliable performance. This LED spotlight is backed by a five year manufacturer’s warranty. You can install it with confidence knowing you’re covered by one of the industry’s best warranties.

Enhance Your Landscape with Brilliant Accent Lighting

The Ignite Landscape Lighting 3-Watt Brass LED Spotlight is designed to provide brilliant, energy efficient lighting to accent and illuminate your outdoor living areas. Transform your space with gorgeous lighting effects for water features, gardens, patios and walkways. Built to last and easy to install.

Order today and see how beautiful your backyard can be after sunset!


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