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Illuminate Your Boat with Shangyuan’s Color Changing LED Lights




Add ambiance and safety to your boat with this 2-pack of Shangyuan’s wireless, battery-powered LED lights. With 16 colors and 4 lighting modes, you can create the perfect mood lighting for your boat’s cabin, deck, cockpit, pontoon, kayak, or sailboat.

Wireless and Battery-Powered for Flexible Installation

These LED boat lights are completely wireless and battery-powered, giving you the flexibility to install them anywhere on your boat without the need for wiring. Powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included), each light can run for 20-50 hours depending on the lighting mode used.

The wireless remote control allows you to change colors and modes from up to 10 meters away. Easily switch between 16 static colors or 4 dynamic modes including flash, strobe, fade, and smooth color transitions.

IP65 Waterproof Rating

Built to withstand the marine environment, these lights have an IP65 waterproof rating. The durable rubber seal keeps moisture out and allows temporary submersion up to 1 meter. No need to worry about splashes and rain ruining these lights.

Versatile Marine Lighting

This 2-pack of LED boat lights provides versatile lighting options for all types of marine crafts:

  • Fishing boats – Illuminate your deck or cockpit for night fishing
  • Pontoon boats – Accent your railings, steps, and interior
  • Sailboats – Use as mood lighting in the cabin and cockpit
  • Kayaks – Mark your position for safety and attach to the deck for area lighting

Wherever you need additional light on your boat, these Shangyuan LED lights provide bright, energy-efficient illumination. Use them as step lights, accent lights, night lights, or to mark hazardous areas. With the included adhesive pads, you can securely install the lights in minutes.

Key Features:

  • 2 LED marine lights with wireless remote control
  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • 16 static colors and 4 dynamic lighting modes
  • Battery-powered – Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)
  • 20-50 hour battery life depending on mode
  • Wireless control range up to 10 meters
  • Adhesive pads for no-holes installation

Create the Perfect Ambiance on Your Boat

Gone are the days of dreary, monochromatic boat lighting. These LED lights allow you to choose from a spectrum of colors to match the mood or activity on your boat.

Set a relaxed tone with soft blues or greens. Energize late-night fishing trips with bright whites. Mark steps and hazards with vibrant reds. The color options are endless!

Or take your lighting to the next level with the dynamic modes. Let the colors gradually fade and blend for a cool, snazzy effect. Use the strobe setting when docking at night or the flashing mode for anchored visibility.

The included remote makes it easy to find the perfect color or mode for any situation. Light up one section of your boat or synchronize multiple lights together.

Reliable Low Voltage LEDs

These lights utilize cutting-edge LED technology, providing bright and vibrant illumination while using a fraction of the energy of traditional incandescent bulbs. No need to worry about bulb replacements either – the LEDs will provide thousands of hours of use.

The 12 volt DC power draws minimal current from the batteries, extending runtime compared to older lighting options. And there’s no chance of bright lights blowing a fuse or overwhelming your electrical system.

High-Quality Construction

Shangyuan uses durable materials and components in these LED boat lights for long-lasting performance in the harsh marine environment:

– A corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy housing protects the LED module and circuitry
– Waterproof silicone sealing prevents moisture ingress
– Sturdy acrylic lenses stand up to impacts while providing bright, non-diffused illumination

You can have confidence installing these lights anywhere on your boat knowing they are built to handle the conditions.

Make Your Boat Uniquely Yours

With Shangyuan’s color changing LED lights, you can easily customize your boat’s ambiance and style. Use them to accent specific areas, illuminate hazards, create mood lighting, or make your boat stand out at the marina.

The wireless design gives you flexibility to experiment with different setups. Find the perfect placement to highlight your boat’s best features.

So bring your pontoon, fishing boat, sailboat, or kayak to life with versatile, bright LED lighting. Order the Shangyuan 2-pack today!


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