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Illuminate Your Outdoor Space in Style with Aestan 8-Pack Solar Post Cap Lights


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Outdoor lighting can make all the difference in highlighting gardens, pathways, fences, and other exterior features when the sun goes down. Avoid the hassle of wiring and electricity with the convenient Aestan Solar Post Cap Lights.

These solar-powered post lights provide bright, energy-efficient illumination with versatile placement options. The included screws allow for quick and easy installation on wooden posts and fencing 3.5″ to 5″ wide.

With built-in solar panels, these lights charge up automatically during the day to run for 8-10 hours each night. Choose from four different lighting modes to set the perfect ambiance.

Four Color Modes to fit any Occasion

These solar post cap lights feature warm white, blue, green, and red color settings that are easily selected using the onboard button.

The bright, warm white light beautifully illuminates steps, gardens, patios, and other areas with a clean glow. Use the serene blue light to highlight landscaping with a cool tone.

Green adds a soft, natural vibe perfect for gardens and foliage. Red works well for seasonal accent lighting or holidays. Match different colors to décor themes or mix and match for a unique look.

The 15 lumen output provides visibility and accent lighting without being overpowering. Light sensor technology turns the lights on automatically at dusk and off at dawn with no timers or configurations needed.

Weatherproof Post Lighting for Any Environment

Built to withstand the elements, these solar post cap lights feature waterproof IP54-rated casing to prevent damage from rain, snow, and other wet weather.

The durable ABS plastic housing and internal components hold up to harsh sunlight, extreme temperatures, and outdoor exposure. Mount them with confidence knowing intense weather won’t cause any issues.

At just 2.6 x 2.6 inches wide, the compact solar panels and lights integrate seamlessly onto posts without taking up much space. Achieve bright, stylish lighting without installing bulky fixtures.

Efficient Solar Powered Performance

These post cap lights run entirely on solar energy absorbed by the small but mighty onboard panels during daytime hours. Built-in 1000mAh 1.2V NiMH AA rechargeable batteries provide power to the LEDs all night long.

Once fully charged after 6-8 hours in the sun, the batteries deliver 8-10 hours of continuous lighting. Their high conversion efficiency and durable construction ensure reliable illumination night after night.

Solar power makes installation a breeze with no electrical wiring or hookups required. Position them anywhere sunlight can reach the panels for free, eco-friendly lighting. Reduce your energy bills while still enjoying bright outdoor spaces after dark.

Quick and Easy Placement on Posts

Thanks to the detachable base plate, you can mount these solar post lights on any standard wooden post ranging from 3.5″ to 5″ in diameter in minutes.

No specialty tools are needed! Just use the included screws to attach the base securely to your desired surface. Then pop the light onto the base plate and you’re done.

If you need to remove or reposition the lights, it’s a simple process. The removable design makes them highly versatile for placing lighting anywhere you need it in your outdoor space.

Illuminate steps, garden paths, flower beds, fences, patio posts and more. Move them anytime seasons or décor changes.

Premium Quality Materials Built to Last

Constructed from durable, high-quality ABS plastic housing, these solar post cap lights are made to hold up through harsh outdoor conditions and regular use without showing wear.

The water-resistant construction and weatherproof rating prevent rain, snow, and humidity damage over time. You’ll enjoy the beautiful lighting ambiance these provide for years to come.

The solar panels are highly efficient at converting sunlight, charging the batteries quickly. LED bulbs stay energy efficient and long-lasting compared to other lighting.

Brighten Up Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Easily illuminate garden features, accent landscaping, light pathways, highlight architectural elements, and much more using these versatile solar post cap lights.

Create a magical ambiance on your patio, deck, gazebo, or outdoor kitchen area for evening entertaining. Line a pathway with warm white lights to improve visibility and safety at night.

Their compact size allows them to integrate seamlessly onto fence posts, stairway railings, surrounding a garden pond, on deck columns, and anywhere you need targeted lighting.

Bring your exterior spaces to life after the sun sets with beautiful, solar-powered accent lighting. Order the 8-pack Aestan Solar Post Cap Lights today!


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