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Illuminate Your Outdoor Space in Style with Angdarun Solar Deck Lights


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Light up your outdoor living areas beautifully and efficiently with these innovative solar powered deck lights from Angdarun. Featuring a sleek, modern design, these solar lights provide bright, energy-efficient lighting for driveways, docks, pathways, stairs, and more.

Two Gorgeous Colors in One Versatile Light

The Angdarun solar deck lights combine both cool white and calming blue LEDs in one handy light. Easily switch between the two color options with the simple onboard button. Use blue for a serene ambiance or white for brighter visibility. With 12 LED beads encircling each light, these solar lamps distribute beautiful omnidirectional lighting no matter which color you choose.

Powerful Solar Panel Charges in Day, Lights Up at Night

An integrated high-efficiency solar panel converts free sunlight into power during the day to recharge the built-in 800 mAh lithium-ion battery. Fully charged after just 6 to 8 hours of daytime sun, the battery then smoothly powers the LEDs to deliver up to 24 hours of continuous lighting at night. The smart light sensor automatically turns the deck lights on at dusk so you’ll never have to flip a switch.

Withstands All Weather and Provides 360° Visibility

Built to handle the elements, these solar powered dock lights boast an IP68 waterproof rating so they can get drenched in rain or sprinklers and even become partially submerged in water without damage. The sturdy aluminum housing won’t crack under pressure and can bear up to 5 tons of weight. Position the pathway lights along stairs, curbs, or uneven terrain without worry. The 12 LED beads encircling each solar step light distribute bright 360° visibility.

Simple Installation for Driveways, Docks, Decks, and More

Installation takes just minutes with either the included screws or convenient 3M adhesive pads, no wiring required. Place the solar driveway lights along your property’s perimeter, beside front and back entries, along winding pathways, and anywhere else you’d like to illuminate with free solar energy. They’re perfect for docks and piers to mark edges and prevent accidents. Light up pool decks and patios for evening swims and gatherings. Use the reflective labels to enhance visibility.


  • Solar powered with built-in 800 mAh battery charges free from the sun, no electrical or wiring needed
  • Dual LED colors in cool white and calming blue, switch modes with onboard button
  • 12 super-bright LED beads evenly distribute 360° directional lighting
  • Smart sensor automatically activates at night for up to 24 hours of illumination
  • Sleek and durable aluminum housing withstands up to 5 tons of pressure
  • IP68 waterproof rating, perfect for wet areas and docks
  • Screw or adhesive installation, position anywhere with ample sunlight
  • Reflective labels provide enhanced visibility and safety
  • Operates maintenance-free for thousands of hours

Illuminate Pathways, Stairs, and Driveways with Ease

Safely navigate across your property after dark with help from these brilliant solar powered deck lights. Stick them along pathways to light the way without running electrical cords. Adhere the stair lights across steps for clearer nighttime visibility. Line your winding driveway to prevent veering off course.

Light Up Landscaping Features and Outdoor Living Areas

Showcase garden beds, statues, fountains, and other landscaping elements with strategic uplighting from these versatile solar pathway lights. Illuminate pool decks, patios, and porches for evening swimming, dining, and socializing. Add ambiance and safety to any outdoor space with these easy-to-install solar lights.

Perfect for Docks, Piers, Boathouses, and Marinas

Thanks to the IP68 waterproof rating, these are ideal solar dock lights. Line your dock or pier to clearly define the edges and prevent accidents after dark. Use them on boats, boathouses, decks, and marinas to mark hazards and guide you safely to shore. The blue light setting creates perfect mood lighting around the water.

Durable Quality Built to Last for Years

Constructed from corrosion-resistant aluminum with weatherproof seals, these solar deck lights can withstand years of sun, rain, snow, and moisture exposure. The shatterproof plastic means you won’t have to worry about lights cracking from impacts. Enjoy thousands of hours of maintenance-free operation with the long-lasting integrated lithium-ion battery. Angdarun backs the solar driveway lights with a 1-year warranty.

Order Angdarun Solar Deck Lights Today!

Illuminate your outdoor living areas beautifully and efficiently with Angdarun Solar Deck Lights. Order your 8-pack today to brighten up your driveway, dock, patio, walkways, and more with free solar energy. The dual-color LEDs create a gorgeous display in both cool white and calming blue hues.


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