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Illuminate Your Outdoor Space with Permande’s Realistic Solar Torch Lights




Experience the warm, welcoming glow of flickering flames without the fire hazard with Permande’s solar torch lights. These unique outdoor lights featurerealistic wavering “flames” powered completely by the sun. The dancing light from the flame bulbs casts a cozy ambience perfect for highlighting pathways, gardens, patios and more.

Realistic Flickering Flame Solar Bulbs

The Permande solar torch lights feature flame bulbs designed to mimic swaying flames. The bulbs flicker and waver in the breeze, creating a convincing fiery glow. The bulbs give off a warm, yellow light similar to that of a real fire for maximum realism. Yet unlike real torches, these solar-powered lights are cool to the touch and don’t carry a fire risk.

Adjustable Height Pole Included

Each solar torch light comes with a pole that allows you to adjust the height as desired. Choose between 23″ or 32″ heights to match your decor. The included pole makes it easy to highlight pathways, flower beds, yard edges and other areas around your home. Stick the lights directly in the ground or use the metal ground stake included.

Waterproof & Weather Resistant

Don’t worry about putting these flickering lights outdoors. The solar torch bulb and all electrical components have an IP65 waterproof rating. That means they’re protected from dust, dirt and moisture. Rain or snow won’t affect the performance of these hardy lights. The plastic and metal materials also stand up to sun, wind and temperature extremes.

Powered Entirely by the Sun

Harness the power of the sun to run Permande’s solar torches. Each light has a built-in 600mAh rechargeable battery that charges up as the solar panel converts sunlight during the day. No wiring or electrical connections required! Fully charged, the battery provides up to 10-12 hours of illumination at night. The lights automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn thanks to built-in sensors.

Versatile Placement for Any Outdoor Space

Decorate your outdoor living areas with these versatile, easy-to-place solar lights. Line a garden path or driveway to welcome guests. Place around a patio, deck or balcony to set the mood for evening fun. Stick them into flower beds or pots to highlight your landscaping. Use them to light up yard edges and dark corners around your home. They’re ideal for accenting lawn decor, statues, trees and more. Their flickering glow makes a stunning addition to pool areas as well.

Safely Illuminate Special Events

The Permande solar torch lights add magical ambience to special nights outdoors. Highlight pathways and décor at backyard barbecues, birthday parties and graduation celebrations. Line the aisle at a romantic outdoor wedding. Place them around the yard on Halloween or Christmas Eve to cast a festive glow. Their versatility and ease of placement make them perfect for transforming any outdoor occasion.

High-Quality Construction Built to Last

Built from durable ABS plastic and aluminum, these solar-powered torches are made to withstand constant outdoor use. Their sturdy construction and weatherproofing allow them to shine through year after year. The plastic resin won’t rust or corrode and stands up to sun, rain, snow and temperature swings. With their toughness and solar power source, the lights are a set-it-and-forget-it addition to your home’s exterior.

Easy Placement Anywhere Outdoors

Placing Permande’s solar torch lights is simple. Just stick the pole directly into soil or use the included metal ground stake for extra support. No wiring or connections needed – the sun powers it all! Place them anywhere around your home from garden beds to patios. Increase the height to 32″ to highlight paths and edges or decrease to 23″ for shorter flower beds and pots. Move them anytime with no hassle.

Transforms Outdoor Areas After Dark

Don’t let your beautiful garden and landscaping disappear when the sun goes down. Permande’s flickering solar lights cast a warm glow to keep your hard work visible and welcoming even after dark. Highlight flower beds, pathways, patios and yard decor to enhance and showcase your curb appeal around the clock. The dancing, flame-like light brings new dimension that ordinary lighting lacks.

Give the Gift of Curb Appeal and Security

Surprise your favorite gardener or outdoor decorating enthusiast with the gift of these unique solar torch lights. The recipient will love seeing their yard, garden and patio transformed by the flickering glow. The solar lights also provide added visibility and security around paths and yard edges after dusk. Their ease of use makes them an ideal gift for moms, dads, grandparents and friends.

With realistic flames powered completely by the sun, Permande’s innovative torch lights are a gorgeous addition to any outdoor space. Their warm, flickering glow creates unmatched ambience for gardens, patios and pathways. The weatherproof design and solar power source provide reliable illumination night after night. Transform your curb appeal after dark with the magical flame lights of Permande’s clever solar torches.


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