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Illuminate Your Property All Night with the LEDMyplace 15W LED Solar Flood Light and 40W Solar Panel Kit


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Need a powerful, eco-friendly way to light up your outdoor spaces at night? The LEDMyplace 15W LED solar flood light paired with a 40W solar panel is the perfect solution! This solar-powered LED flood light provides bright, energy-efficient illumination exactly where you need it.

Brilliant 1800 Lumens of Solar-Powered Light

The built-in 15 watt LED in this flood light produces an incredible 1800 lumens of dazzling white light. That’s brighter than a 100W incandescent bulb! The unique wide 140° beam angle spreads illumination over a large area, perfect for lighting up driveways, gardens, yards, patios, garages, barns, and more. Give your property 24/7 protection and visibility with solar energy.

Smart Solar Technology for Reliable Lighting

An integrated 40 watt polycrystalline silicon solar panel converts sunlight into free renewable electricity to power the bright LED flood light all night long. The included 20V 10AH lithium battery stores surplus solar energy during the day, providing a steady power source when the sun goes down.

The advanced MPPT solar charge controller ensures the battery stays fully charged. It’s far more efficient than a PWM controller, converting over 30% more solar power. Once the battery is full, the controller prevents overcharging so the system keeps running optimally for years.

Weatherproof IP65 Construction

The LEDMyplace solar flood light is designed for reliable operation in any environment. The rugged aluminum housing has an IP65 rating, meaning it’s totally dust tight and protected against low pressure water jets. You can install it in damp, humid locations without worrying about short circuits or corrosion. The polycarbonate lens and silicone gasket deliver top-notch weather resistance.

Adjustable Motion Sensor and Remote Control

This LED solar flood light kit comes with handy features including a built-in motion sensor and remote control. The PIR motion sensor can be adjusted from 5 to 16 feet to turn the light on automatically when it detects movement. Use the included remote to manually turn the light on/off from up to 16 feet away. Set a timer for the light to turn on/off at preset times each day.

Quick and Easy Installation

Installing this solar flood light is a breeze. Simply mount the solar panel in a sunny spot using the included hardware. Then mount the light where you want illumination using the adjustable bracket. Connect the solar panel to the light with the 16.5ft cable. No electrician or wiring required! Fully solar powered, it’s perfect for barns, sheds, gates, garages, and anywhere else without access to AC power.

Key Features:

– 1800 lumen 15W LED light panel for brilliant illumination
– 40W polycrystalline silicon solar panel with 16.5ft cable
– 20V 10AH lithium battery stores solar energy for nighttime lighting
– Advanced MPPT solar charge controller prevents overcharging
– Adjustable 140° beam angle spreads light over large area
– IP65 weatherproof aluminum housing
– PIR motion sensor turns light on when motion detected (5-16 ft range)
– Remote control lets you turn on/off manually from up to 16 ft away
– Timer function for automated on/off each day
– Durable powder coated finish in black

Reasons to Choose Solar Power:

  • Reduce your electricity bills by using free solar energy
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable – converts endless sunshine into free renewable power
  • Avoid the hassles of electrical wiring – installs easily anywhere
  • Reliable lighting day and night – keeps working during power outages
  • Bright LEDs last for years with no bulb replacements

The LEDMyplace 15W solar LED flood light kit delivers powerful, automated illumination all night long using clean, renewable solar energy. Ditch your existing wired safety lights and make the switch to solar! Order today to light up your property with brilliant LED light powered by the sun.


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