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INMOTION V12 Electric Unicycle – The Ultimate Ride for Speed and Range


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Glide Through City Streets or Conquer Off-Road Terrain with the INMOTION V12 Electric Unicycle

Commuting to work or zipping around town just got a lot more thrilling with the new INMOTION V12 Electric Unicycle. Boasting an ultra-powerful 2500W motor and massive 100 mile max range, the V12 lets you ride farther and faster than ever before.

The powerful 2500W motor propels the V12 to an electrifying top speed of 43.5mph. Combine this with the 100 mile max range, and you’ve got an electric unicycle that’s perfect for lengthy commutes or just having fun miles away from home. The V12’s monster torque can devour 35° inclines with ease – hills and bumpy terrain are no match for this beast.

Despite the insane power and speed, the V12 retains exceptional maneuverability thanks to its compact, slim frame and nimble 16″ tire. Weaving through crowded city streets or tight singletrack is exhilarating. The 16″ tire bites pavement and dirt equally well, giving you unlimited ride possibilities.

Touchscreen Display Puts Complete Control at Your Fingertips

The V12 breaks new ground as the first electric unicycle with a multi-function touchscreen display. Intuitive readouts give you real-time speed, battery level, time, mileage, and more. Easily toggle through multiple screens and settings to customize LED lights, alerts, and performance parameters to your liking.

Safety is paramount, so the touchscreen eliminates distractions and enhances your situational awareness. Quick glances keep you informed without ever taking your eyes off the path ahead. The minimalist interface is designed for effortless usability to let you focus on the ride.

Unparalleled Quality and Cutting-Edge Technology

From the powerplant to the pedals, the V12 leverages cutting-edge technology and premium components to redefine electric unicycle performance. The robust aluminum alloy frame provides a rock-solid riding platform that’s also sleek and stylish.

The ultra-responsive self-balancing system makes riding exhilarating yet easy to master. Advanced algorithms and sensors keep you upright and in control at all times. And the IP55 rating means a little rain won’t slow you down.

The high-capacity 1750Wh lithium battery uses advanced power management and the latest battery cell technology to deliver phenomenal range and acceleration. Recharging is fast and convenient with the included 4A rapid charger.

We back the V12 with unmatched support and service. Enjoy a 1-year warranty on the entire unicycle along with lifetime support from our U.S.-based service team. We stand behind our products 100% so you can ride with total confidence.


Motor Power: 2500W
Top Speed: 43.5 mph
Range: Up to 100 miles
Max Incline: 35°
Wheel Size: 16″ x 3.0″
Battery Capacity: 1750Wh
Charger: 100-240V, 4A Rapid Charger
Weight: 55 lbs
Weight Capacity: 264 lbs
APP Control: Yes
IP Rating: IP55
Touchscreen: Yes

Take Your Ride to the Next Level with the INMOTION V12

Whether you’re a die-hard commuter, weekend warrior, or thrill seeker, the INMOTION V12 takes electric unicycles to the next level. This high-performance wheel unleashes speed, range, and off-road capability like never before. The smart touchscreen display provides intuitive control without distraction. Premium craftsmanship and technology come together to create the ultimate electric unicycle. Supercharge your ride and unlock new adventures with the INMOTION V12!

High Performance You Can Rely On

– 2500W brushless hub motor provides insane acceleration and speed
– Massive 100 mile max range gives you the freedom to roam for hours
– 43.5 mph top speed lets you zip by traffic and rip down streets
– 150Nm of peak torque devours steep hills up to 35° inclines
– 16″ x 3.0″ all-terrain tire is agile yet stable on any terrain
– Ultra-responsive self-balancing system makes learning a breeze
– Powerful 1750Wh battery uses advanced cells for range and longevity
– 4A fast charger fully recharges battery in around 4 hours

Intuitive Touchscreen Display

– First electric unicycle with a multi-function touchscreen
– Easy access to speed, battery, time, mileage, and other info
– Quickly toggle through multiple screens and settings
– Customize LED lights, alerts, performance parameters, and more
– Minimalist design enhances situational awareness and safety
– Robust Gorilla Glass touchscreen lens is extremely durable

Quality Craftsmanship and Materials

– Robust aluminum alloy frame provides a rock-solid riding platform
– CNC machined alloy components are highly precise and durable
– Powerful motor, battery packs, and electronics are integrated in a compact architecture
– Sleek yet tough ABS outer shell protects internal components from impacts
– IP55 water resistance rating lets you ride in rain or puddles worry-free
– Thoughtful design provides easy access for maintenance and repairs
– Quick-release latch allows you to easily change tires when needed

Safety You Can Trust

– Hundreds of internal sensors constantly monitor speed, tilt, voltage, temperature, etc.
– Advanced algorithm seamlessly adjusts power output to maintain stability
– Smart battery management system prevents over-charging/discharging
– Multi-stage charging process maximizes battery life and safety
– Built-in LED headlight and taillights improve visibility
– Emergency power reserve ensures you can safely brake even with low battery
– Loud horn and turn signals add active safety when riding in traffic
– Mechanical brake disc provides reliable stopping power

Unmatched Support and Service

– 1-year warranty covers entire electric unicycle
– Lifetime U.S.-based support from our experienced service team
– OTA updates continuously improve performance and add new features
– Large online knowledge base helps you get the most from your wheel
– Active user community provides tips, mods, accessories, and more
– Replacement parts readily available at fair prices
– We stand behind our products 100% so you can ride with confidence

Elevate your daily commute. Push off-road limits. Experience electric unicycling at its best with the INMOTION V12!


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