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Ion8 Leakproof Gray Sport Water Bottle – 12 oz


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Stay hydrated on-the-go with the Ion8 Leakproof Gray Sport Water Bottle. This 12 oz reusable water bottle is designed for an active lifestyle, featuring a flip-top lid for easy one-handed opening and effortless sipping.

The unique off-center spout allows you to drink with minimal tilting, perfect for drinking during workouts, hiking, biking, or any activity where you’re staying in motion. An air hole in the lid creates an easy water flow so you can hydrate quickly without annoying gurgling sounds.

With its slim pod-like shape, the Ion8 sport bottle easily fits in car cup holders, backpack water bottle pockets, lunch boxes, bike cages, and more. The durable leakproof design means you can toss it in your gym bag or purse without worrying about spills and leaks.

This BPA-free water bottle is made from safe, sustainable materials so you can feel good about reducing plastic waste. It’s constructed from durable Tritan plastic that withstands drops and impacts, maintaining its integrity over repeated use.

The ergonomic shape feels great in your hand, while the flip-top lid opens smoothly with just a flick of your thumb. The secure snap closure prevents accidental openings and leaks in your bag.

Stay hydrated in style with the sleek grey colorway. The minimalist design looks great for any activity or situation – take it to work, the gym, or on weekend adventures.

With its thoughtful design focused on portability and drinkability, the Ion8 Leakproof Sport Water Bottle makes it effortless to stay hydrated wherever you go. The 12 oz capacity quenches thirst on short or long excursions, while the flip-top lid allows quick access for frequent sips.

This reusable water bottle is easy to clean, just pop it in the top rack of your dishwasher or hand wash with mild soap and water. Over time, some mineral deposits may build up which can be removed with a bottle brush and vinegar.

Customers love how durable and handy this water bottle is:

“This bottle is so convenient and leakproof. I can throw it in my purse or gym bag without worrying about leaks. It’s perfect for my busy on-the-go lifestyle.”

“The flip top is genius – I don’t have to unscrew a lid to take a sip. I use it hiking, biking, at my desk, everywhere!”

“Fits perfectly in standard cup holders and backpack pockets. Slim profile but holds 12 oz of water.”

“BPA-free and durable – this bottle has lasted me over a year with no issues!”

With its smart leakproof design, easy drinking flip-top lid, and slim portability, the Ion8 Gray Sport Water Bottle is ideal for active hydration on-the-go. Ditch single-use plastic bottles and make the switch to this BPA-free reusable option.


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