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ISURE MARINE Kayak Deck Bungee Rigging Kit – Must-Have Accessory for Securing Gear on Kayaks, Canoes and Small Boats


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Hit the open waters with confidence by securing your gear with the ISURE MARINE kayak deck rigging kit. This essential boating accessory includes everything you need to outfit your kayak or canoe with durable and adjustable bungee storage.

The marine-grade kayak bungee kit features tough, UV-resistant bungee cords and corrosion-resistant nylon hardware that withstands exposure to sun, saltwater and weather. Customize your on-deck storage system to keep essentials like paddles, fishing rods and tackle boxes handy but secured.

Customizable and Convenient On-Deck Storage System

Setting up your kayak’s deck rigging is quick and easy with ISURE MARINE’s included bungee cords, J-hooks, pad eyes and mounting hardware.

Strategically place pad eyes along the gunwales and deck of your kayak or canoe. Run the 1/4-inch elastic bungee cord between them to create customized and adjustable storage. J-hooks allow you to secure gear almost anywhere on deck.

Stash fishing rods, paddles and nets under bungee cords on deck for quick access. Safely carry extra gear and supplies without taking up legroom in the cockpit. Deck rigging keeps everything nearby but secured for worry-free boating.

Durable and Heavy-Duty Construction

This kayak accessory kit is made to last season after season on the water. The 8-foot marine-grade bungee cord maintains consistent tension and won’t sag or deteriorate after repeated exposure to UV rays and saltwater.

The corrosion-resistant nylon J-hooks, pad eyes and mounting hardware are also crafted to withstand the marine environment. Stainless steel screws securely fasten components to the deck.

ISURE MARINE specially formulates and tests all hardware to endure boating, sun, salt and weather conditions. Our kayak rigging kits will stay securely mounted and adjustably bungeed season after season.

Complete Kayak Deck Rigging Kit Contains:

  • 1 x 8 ft marine-grade 1/4 in bungee cord
  • 6 x nylon pad eyes
  • 12 x stainless steel screws
  • 6 x nylon J-hooks
  • 6 x stainless steel screws
  • 2 x bungee hooks

Universal Fit for All Kayak and Canoe Models

This deck rigging kit universally fits most single and tandem kayaks, canoes and small boats.

Standard 1/4-inch bungee threading fits common pad eyes placed 12-30 inches apart along gunwales. J-hooks can secure gear almost anywhere on deck.

Rig your sit-in or sit-on-top kayak, recreational or touring canoe, inflatable boat, dinghy, john boat, sailboat and more. Install deck pads and carry bags, rods, paddles, camping gear, water bottles and other equipment effortlessly within reach.

Designed for Safety and Functionality

Proper on-deck storage improves your boating experience and safety. Deck rigging keeps gear neatly stashed but instantly accessible when you need it.

Paddles, fishing poles and other long items ride securely under bungee but won’t take up legroom in the cockpit. Transport camping equipment, coolers and other bulky gear on deck without impeding motility.

Most importantly, deck rigging prevents items from shifting or falling overboard in waves or currents. Safely carry what you need without the risk of losing expensive gear.

Rig Your Kayak in Minutes!

Rigging your kayak or canoe with ISURE MARINE’s bungee kit takes just minutes. Here’s how to set up deck storage in three easy steps:

  1. Mount pad eyes and J-hooks using the included stainless screws.
  2. Thread the marine-grade bungee cord through pad eyes in your desired configuration.
  3. Attach bungee hooks and cinch cord to desired tension.

Toggle bungee tension as needed to securely carry different items. J-hooks hold gear that won’t fit under bungees. Add more pad eyes to create customized storage zones and access points.

Order Today and Enjoy Hassle-Free Boating!

Don’t head onto the water again without securing your gear! Order the ISURE MARINE kayak deck rigging kit today to easily install durable and adjustable bungee storage on your kayak or canoe.


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