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KCVV Heated Gloves – Stay Warm and Cozy in Frigid Weather


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Don’t let cold hands keep you from enjoying your favorite winter activities. The KCVV Heated Gloves will keep your fingers toasty even in freezing temperatures!

Water-Resistant and Windproof

These heated gloves are constructed using a water-resistant, windproof, and breathable super fabric. A built-in invisible heating wire evenly distributes warmth across your hands without causing discomfort.

The durable exterior provides protection from snow, rain, and wind chill so your hands stay dry and warm. No need to worry about the heating elements getting damaged by winter weather.

Versatile Cold Weather Gloves

With flexible dexterity and adjustable wrist straps, you’ll love wearing these heated gloves for all kinds of activities including:

  • Motorcycle riding
  • Driving
  • Hiking
  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Shoveling snow
  • Outdoor sporting events
  • Camping

Anytime your fingers get cold, just switch on the built-in heating element for soothing warmth in seconds.

Safe and Easy to Use

Operating the KCVV Heated Gloves is simple and convenient. Press the power button to turn on the heat, and press again to turn off. The three heating levels allow you to adjust the temperature for ideal comfort.

The batteries are easily removable when not in use so you don’t have to carry the extra weight. These gloves are also fully machine washable for easy care.

Made from skin-friendly materials, the heating elements are completely safe directly against your skin. Just relax and enjoy hours of soothing warmth with complete peace of mind.

All-in-One Charging Cable

Each pair of heated gloves includes a smart USB charging cable designed to power up both gloves at the same time. No more fumbling with multiple cables!

The innovative cable connects to any USB power source. Plug into a wall charger, power bank, laptop, or car charger. A 1-2 hour charge gives you 5-6 hours of continuous heating.

High Quality Construction

Expertly constructed using premium materials, the KCVV Heated Gloves are built to last. The tough ripstop exterior stands up to heavy duty use while the ThinsulateTM insulation keeps the warmth locked inside.

The gloves provide complete dexterity thanks to the ergonomic pre-curved shape and stretchy Lycra fabric between the fingers. Anti-slip silicone grips give you a secure hold on tools and equipment.

Stay Warm and Active

With versatile functionality and premium heating power, KCVV Heated Gloves enable you to comfortably enjoy all your favorite cold weather activities including:

  • Commuting to work by motorcycle or scooter
  • Waiting at bus stops and train platforms
  • Walking the dog on chilly mornings
  • Tailgating at football games
  • Photo shoots and filming outdoors
  • DIY projects and gardening
  • Playing with kids in the snow

The adjustable wrist straps ensure a secure fit while touchscreen finger tips allow easy phone and device use without removing your gloves.

Battery-Powered Portable Warmth

Forget bulky mittens that restrict movement and dexterity. These heated gloves generate just as much warmth while allowing complete flexibility and grip.

The integrated rechargeable lithium batteries generate hours of continuous heat powered by modern battery technology. Much better performance than disposable heat packs.

Don’t limit yourself to indoor activities just because of cold hands. The KCVV Heated Gloves provide freedom and comfort to keep enjoying the outdoors all winter long!

Order Your Heated Gloves Today

With cozy warmth, weatherproof protection, and machine washable convenience, these heated gloves are a winter necessity. Click Add to Cart now to get high-tech heating power in the ultimate cold weather gloves.


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