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Keep Hydrated on the Go with the Versatile WICKTICK Molle Water Bottle Holder Pouch




The WICKTICK Molle Water Bottle Holder Pouch is the ultimate hydration companion for outdoor adventures, sports, hiking, camping, cycling, and more! This innovative pouch securely carries water bottles and beverages from 16oz all the way up to 64oz in size.

Fits Almost Any Bottle

The adjustable Velcro strap and elasticized design allow this tactical bottle holder to accommodate bottles from standard 16oz cans up to bulky 64oz Nalgene bottles. As long as your bottle is under 3.94 inches wide and 11 inches tall, it will fit in this holder pouch nicely. Stay hydrated no matter what your activity!

Mount It Almost Anywhere

Mount the WICKTICK pouch to backpacks, tactical vests, belts, your bike, and more! The built-in MOLLE straps and metal snap clips make this bottle holder easy to attach. Or use the included carabiners and D-rings to hang it wherever needed. The top nylon handle also allows you to carry the pouch by hand.

Multi-Purpose Utility

In addition to water bottles, this tactical holder is great for carrying beer, wine, coffee tumblers, energy drinks, bear spray canisters, small fire extinguishers, Bluetooth speakers, and any other cylindrical items up to 11 inches tall. The possibilities are endless!

Essential for Any Occasion

The WICKTICK Molle Water Bottle Pouch goes anywhere you do. Take it hiking, camping, fishing, cycling, traveling, gardening, doing yardwork, or just tackling your daily adventures. Having your beverages easily accessible makes any activity better.

Premium Materials Built to Last

Constructed from 1000D reinforced nylon with double box stitching, this bottle holder is made to handle the most intense activities. The rugged materials and craftsmanship ensure it will endure years of regular use without showing any wear.

Keeps Liquids Cool

The pouch is double-layered with foam padding to provide extra insulation for your drinks. This helps keep water and other beverages cooler for longer periods of time, even during hot summer hikes and activities.

Quick Access to Hydration

The open-top design and Velcro closure give you quick access to your water or drinks when you need them. Just reach back, unzip the pouch, and grab your bottle. Rehydrating has never been easier!

Compressed Size Fits Anywhere

When not holding a bottle, the pouch compresses down to a compact size. It won’t take up much room in your backpack, cargo space, or gear bag.

Quit struggling to carry water bottles and beverages. The WICKTICK Molle Water Bottle Holder Pouch provides convenient, hands-free hydration no matter where your travels take you!


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