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Keep Your Pedal Boat Safe and Protected with the AUTOLION Pedal Boat Cover


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Spending time on the water pedaling around in your pedal boat is a fun way to enjoy the outdoors. But once the exciting ride is over, you need to properly store and protect your boat when it’s not in use. Having the right pedal boat cover is essential to keep your boat looking its best for years to come.

Introducing the AUTOLION Pedal Boat Cover – the perfect solution to keep your 2-4 person pedal boat safe from sun damage, dirt, bird droppings, rain, and other outdoor elements. This heavy-duty pedal boat mooring cover is made of high quality 600D Oxford fabric with PU coating for maximum waterproofing and UV protection.

Key Features:

  • Constructed with durable and thick 600D Oxford fabric and added PU coating for excellent water resistance
  • UV resistant to prevent sun damage and fading
  • Double seam design enhances overall durability
  • Triangular straps on front and sides keep cover securely in place even in windy conditions
  • Extra long straps make it easy to properly fit over pedal boats up to 112.5 inches
  • Measures approximately 112.5 x 65 inches to fit most 2-4 person pedal boats
  • Black and orange design for high visibility

Reliable All Weather Protection

The AUTOLION Pedal Boat Cover is designed to protect your boat in all types of weather conditions. The durable Oxford fabric material with PU coating provides waterproofing against rain, mist, morning dew, sprinklers, and other wet conditions that could otherwise seep into the inside of your boat. This boat cover also gives excellent dust proofing and guards against bird droppings, dirt, leaves, pollen, and other debris.

Whether you keep your pedal boat docked at the marina, stored in your yard, or parked at the beach, you can trust this cover to keep the exterior clean. The PU coating provides a barrier against mold, mildew, and bacterial growth that could occur from moisture buildup while the boat is covered.

Secure Fit

Fit is essential for any boat cover to properly protect your vessel. This pedal boat cover features a generous size of 112.5 x 65 inches to accommodate most 2-4 person pedal boats on the market. It is secured over the boat with triangular straps at the front and sides. The long straps connect easily with click closure buckles at the bottom for a tight and custom fit.

The triangular side straps are designed to wrap securely around the hull while the front straps keep the cover firmly in place. Even on windy days at the lake or ocean, you won’t have to worry about the cover blowing loose or coming off. Once strapped on, it stays put.

UV Resistant

The sun’s harsh UV rays can do extensive damage to your pedal boat’s exterior over time. Constant exposure causes the fiberglass hull to fade, crack, and chalk. With the AUTOLION Pedal Boat Cover, your boat stays protected from the sun whether in outdoor storage or while docked at the marina.

The durable Oxford fabric is coated to effectively block UV radiation from penetrating through to the boat’s surface. This preserves the rich color and glossy finish of the hull. It also prevents premature cracking and damage to the gel coat. You’ll keep your pedal boat looking like new season after season.

3 Year Warranty

Your purchase is backed by a 3 year warranty from AUTOLION. We stand behind the quality of our pedal boat covers and will quickly address any issues that may occur with materials or workmanship defects. Just contact us for prompt assistance with returns or replacements.

Easy Cleaning and Storage

To clean the cover simply wipe it down with a soft cloth or spray it off with the hose. Allow the fabric to completely air dry before folding up for storage. The Oxford material won’t easily tear, rip, or become damaged.

When not protecting your pedal boat, the cover folds into a compact size for off-season storage. The black and orange design makes it easy to spot in the garage or shed when you need it again next season.

Protect Your Investment

Pedal boats can be a significant investment, especially for higher capacity models that comfortably accommodate up to 4 riders. You want to protect that investment by keeping your boat’s exterior in the best possible condition. Fading, cracking, mold, and other damage will quickly bring down a boat’s value not to mention negatively affect performance.

Regular use of the AUTOLION Pedal Boat Cover keeps your boat looking showroom new so you can enjoy it for seasons to come. You’ve made the worthwhile investment in a pedal boat so be sure to protect it with the best cover available when not in use.

Order Today and Start Protecting Your Pedal Boat!

Don’t wait until it’s too late and your pedal boat’s exterior is irreparably weathered and damaged from lack of protection while stored outdoors. Order the durable and reliable AUTOLION Pedal Boat Cover today to keep your boat safe from the elements and looking its best for years of continued use. Your pedal boat is a prized possession so be sure to take proper care of it with this high quality cover.


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