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KNINE OUTDOORS Ultimate Hunting Deer Processing Knife Set – Portable 8 Piece Field Dressing Kit for Hunters


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Every successful hunt begins with reliable, durable gear designed specifically for the outdoors. The KNINE OUTDOORS Ultimate Hunting Deer Processing Knife Set was created with the hunter in mind, featuring 8 must-have tools for field dressing and processing your harvest. No more fumbling with individual knives – this complete set consolidates the vital cutting implements you need into one organized, portable kit.

The set includes a 12” curved boning knife, a 9 1/2” gut hook skinner, an 8 1/2” caping knife, an 8 1/2” bone saw, a rib cage spreader, a knife and shear sharpener, a pair of cut-resistant gloves, and a heavy-duty nylon belt sheath. The knives and tools feature rugged full tang 420HC stainless steel blades perfect for the demands of field use. Red maple wood handles provide a secure grip, even when wet. The handy included sharpener lets you maintain a razor edge in the field.

Go Prepared for Any Hunting Situation

Having the right tools close at hand means you can successfully field dress your harvest no matter the size – from small game and fowl to hogs, deer, elk and more. The gut hook skinner effortlessly opens the abdomen without puncturing organs. The boning knife swiftly separates meat from bone. The caping knife neatly skins game with precision. The bone saw slices through thick cartilage and joints. The rib cage spreader provides fast access to entrails. Each tool in this set serves a vital purpose in efficient field dressing and processing.

Built Tough for Demanding Outdoor Use

The last thing you want during a hunt is a knife breaking or bending at a critical moment. KNINE OUTDOORS uses only superior materials and craftsmanship, so these knives stand up to rugged use season after season. The full tang blades extend through the handles for maximum strength and durability. The contoured red maple wood handles provide a comfortable, slip-free grip. The included sheath keeps the set organized and protects the blades while not in use.

Convenient and Portable

Hunters don’t want to haul a bulky toolbox miles into the bush. The KNINE OUTDOORS Knife Set assembles the must-have cutting tools you need for field dressing into one compact, lightweight kit. The included nylon sheath holds the set securely together on your belt for quick access. The smart clamshell design unsnaps to reveal the knives while keeping them safely housed.

With this set close at hand, you have the vital cutting implements for field dressing large or small game. No more wondering if you remembered all your knives – just grab this kit and go!

Confidently Field Dress Your Harvest

Having sharp, sturdy, purpose-designed knives makes your time in the field more efficient and successful. You can field dress swiftly and cleanly, process meat properly, and preserve your harvest to enjoy. Being prepared with the right tools like this KNINE OUTDOORS Knife Set means a satisfying end to every hunt.


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