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Kryptonite Kryptolok 912 Bike Chain Lock – 4 Feet Long 9mm Steel Chain Heavy Duty Anti-Theft Sold Secure Gold Bicycle Chain Lock with Keys for Bike, Motorcycle, Scooter, Bicycle, Door, Gate, Fence


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Keep Your Ride Safe with Kryptonite’s Heavy Duty Gold-Rated 912 Chain Bike Lock

Securing your precious bike, motorcycle, or scooter against theft is a top priority for any rider. While lightweight cable locks may deter opportunists, real protection requires a tougher defense. Enter Kryptonite’s 912 chain bike lock – an industrial strength chain lock anchored by a hardened deadbolt to provide maximum security and peace of mind wherever you park your ride.

Boasting Sold Secure’s coveted Gold rating, this heavyweight chain lock provides superior resistance against hand tools, hacksaws, power tools, and leverage attacks. Hardened manganese steel links measuring 9mm in diameter defend your bike from bolt cutters and other common cutting attacks. At 4 feet long, the 912 chain gives you ample locking reach to secure your bike to poles, fences, racks, or other fixed objects.

Engineered for Strength: 3T Manganese Steel and Reinforced Deadbolt

The 912 bike lock’s chain consists of four-sided 9mm links made from Kryptonite’s custom 3T manganese steel alloy. This unique steel formulation achieves an optimal balance of hardness, cut resistance, and flexibility. It bears Kryptonite’s signature elongated, oval cross-section that makes the chain more difficult to grip with pipe cutters or other power tools.

But the chain is only half the equation. An open chain alone leaves a weak spot for thieves to exploit. That’s why Kryptonite reinforces the 912 with an integrated deadbolt featuring an innovative talon design that grabs and secures the final chain link. The hardened deadbolt and locking mechanism significantly boost security compared to ordinary padlocks.

Pick-Resistant Disc Cylinder and Ergonomic Keys

Controlling access to your lock cylinder is the first line of defense against potential bike thieves. The 912 bike lock employs a high security disc cylinder that is extremely resistant to picking, drilling, bumping, and other cylinder attacks. What’s more, it comes equipped with two ergonomically designed flat keys (with optional registration for Kryptonite’s Key Safe program for easy key replacement).

Weather-Resistant Construction for Outdoor Use

Don’t let rain, snow, or grime stop you from properly locking up. The 912 chain bike lock features a durable nylon sleeve to prevent scratches during transport and storage. The lock cylinder, disc mechanism, and deadbolt are all shielded from the elements to maintain smooth operation through all riding conditions. You can trust this heavy duty U-lock to protect your bike anywhere outdoors – on city streets, college campuses, or rural bike trails.

At 6.7 pounds, the 912 provides heavyweight protection without excessive weight burden. For maximum portability, the included carrying bracket allows you to mount the folded chain to your bike frame when not in use. Give your bike the high strength, pick-proof security it deserves with the Kryptonite Kryptolok 912 – proudly made in the USA.


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