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LAJIAOZ Hockey Extreme Triangle Passer Rebounder – Master Passing, Shooting, and Stickhandling Skills Anywhere, Anytime


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Take your hockey skills to the next level with the LAJIAOZ Hockey Extreme Triangle Passer Rebounder. This heavy-duty 3-sided passer is the ultimate training buddy for hockey players of all levels who want to improve their passing, shooting, and stickhandling – no partner required!

Practice Like the Pros – Anywhere, Anytime

With its durable steel frame and triangle design, this hockey passer rebounds pucks from almost any angle so you can develop fast, accurate one-timers. Weighing in at a substantial 17 lbs, it stays rock-solid on the ice for realistic passes.

And the smooth rubber foot pads prevent sliding and tipping, while the adjustable spikes dig into the ice for unmatched stability in any conditions. So you get pro-level practice whether you’re on a frozen pond or at the rink.

The three angled sides let you work on forehand and backhand shots, quick stickhandling combinations, and sauce passes. Solo training is extremely effective with the LAJIAOZ Extreme Triangle Passer. But it also excels for team practices – set it up to feed multiple stations or shooting drills.

Built for Versatility

While designed specifically for ice, this hockey rebounder transitions seamlessly for dry land training. The stable triangle base and angled sides work just as well on synthetic ice tiles, sport court, concrete, blacktop, or any hard surface.

So you can keep your skills sharp all year long! Use it outdoors, or take it to the basement or garage for indoor stickhandling and shooting practice during the offseason.

It’s amazing for goalies too. The unpredictable rebounds improve reaction time and technique. Angle it toward the net and take shot after shot – you’ll be ready for anything come game time!

Unlock Your Potential

With the LAJIAOZ Hockey Triangle Passer Rebounder, you have no excuses holding you back. Take a few shots on your lunch break or spend hours honing your game – it’s always ready for the next rep.

Develop lightning-quick hands by working on dekes, toe drags, and dangles. Perfect passing accuracy and speed by banking pucks off the angled sides. Fire one-timers over and over until your release is lightning fast.

The training possibilities are endless with this passer. Many pros trust the LAJIAOZ Extreme Triangle for off-ice development. Now you can train like the greats and take your skills to the highest level!

Technical Specs:

  • Heavy-duty steel construction with powder coated finish
  • 17 lbs – weighted base for superior stability
  • 3 angled sides – 26” long x 19” high
  • Smooth rubber foot pads
  • Adjustable ice spikes
  • For use on ice or dry surfaces
  • Dimensions: 26” x 19” x 1.5” thick

Take your game to new heights this season with the LAJIAOZ Hockey Extreme Triangle Passer Rebounder! Designed for versatile, solo training anywhere, anytime. Order today and start practicing like the pros.


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