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LEDONNE 9″ Quick Release Detachable Center Fin for Stand Up Paddle Boards




Ride the Waves in Style with LEDONNE’s Premium 9″ SUP & Surf Fins

Whether you’re an experienced surfer or just starting out with stand up paddle boarding, having the right fin is crucial. LEDONNE’s 9″ quick release detachable center fin is designed for versatility, stability, and ease of use.

Upgraded Reinforced Nylon for Durability

Constructed from reinforced nylon and fiberglass, this fin is built to last through years of surf sessions. The durable yet flexible material provides the perfect amount of rigidity to keep you in control, while still being able to bend and bounce back from occasional bumps on rocks or reefs. Many cheaper fins may snap or crack under pressure, but you can trust this premium LEDONNE fin to hold up season after season.

Universal Compatibility for Most Boards

With a length of 9.8″, width of 1.57″, and height of 8.46″, this medium sized fin has wide compatibility with most standard boards. Whether you have an inflatable paddle board, solid board, or surfboard, the fin box insert and shape is designed to be a versatile fit. It’s ideal for SUPs with a 10.5″ center box, but also works for many boards with 8.5″ boxes too when fully inserted.

Quick Installation in Seconds

Attaching your new fin couldn’t be easier thanks to the quick release system. No screws or special tools needed! Just align the fin with your board’s empty box, slide it in until it clicks into place, and insert the pin on the opposite side. To remove, simply press the tab to release the pin, and pull the fin out. It’s really that easy, allowing you to swap fins in seconds before hitting the waves.

Enhanced Performance for All Skill Levels

The 9″ size and curved rake design provides a perfect blend of acceleration, tracking, and maneuverability. Beginners will appreciate the stability for learning to balance and paddle, while experts can carve up the surf with control. The fin holds straight when cruising open water, yet responds immediately when you need to turn or pivot. Whether you want to ride mellow swells or catch intense barrel waves, this fin has your back.

Designed for Durability from The Fin Experts

With over 3 million fins produced per year, LEDONNE has unrivaled expertise in engineering high quality boardsport accessories. Used by top brands and suppliers across the USA and Europe, you can be confident in LEDONNE’s reputation for premium materials and time-tested designs. This 9″ fin has undergone extensive testing and refinement to deliver the best possible performance and longevity. It even includes a backup fin pin for extra convenience.

Don’t settle for flimsy, cheap fins that will bend and break. Upgrade your board with the LEDONNE 9″ Quick Release Detachable Center Fin today to unlock your full surf and SUP potential! Order now and we guarantee you’ll be shredding waves in style all season long.


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