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Lifetime Emotion Kayak Seat Repair Kit – 6 Pack Nylon Straps and Latches


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Hitting the water in your Lifetime or Emotion kayak is a blast, until your seat straps start to fray or your latches wear out. Don’t let failing kayak parts keep you off the water – restore your kayak to tip top shape with this heavy duty seat repair kit.

Designed specifically for Lifetime and Emotion kayak models, this replacement kit includes everything you need to fix busted seat straps, broken latches, and missing hooks. No more jury-rigging flimsy solutions or searching specialty stores for obscure parts – our kit has all the accessories you need for quick, easy repairs.

The package contains:

  • 2 x Heavy Duty Nylon Seat Straps – Constructed from rugged UV-resistant nylon webbing to handle frequent use and outdoor sun exposure. Easily replace fraying or broken seat straps.
  • 2 x Reinforced Seat Latches – These durable plastic latches clip the seat straps into place and won’t crack under pressure. If your latches are broken or missing, these reinforced replacements do the trick.
  • 2 x Tri-Glide Hooks – Glide the nylon straps through these handy hooks to adjust the seat position. Sturdy steel construction and smooth nylon glides make strap adjustments a breeze.

Repairing your Lifetime or Emotion kayak is quick and hassle-free with our heavy duty kayak seat repair kit. Here’s how easy it is:

Replace Fraying or Broken Seat Straps:
Locate the nylon seat straps on the bottom or sides of your kayak seat. Unclip the straps from the latches and unloop them from the tri-glide hooks. Pull the fraying straps out and thread the new UV-resistant nylon straps through the tri-glide hooks and existing strap loops. Clip the straps back into the latches and adjust the strap lengths.

Swap Out Cracked or Missing Latches:

Find the latches on the kayak frame that the seat straps clip into. Pop off the broken latches and press the replacement latches into the same spots on the frame. Clip the seat straps into the new reinforced latches and give them a firm tug to make sure they’re secured.

Replace Lost or Broken Tri-Glide Hooks:
Unthread the seat straps from any missing or defective tri-glide hooks. Slide the new steel tri-glide hooks onto the straps and position them in the same spots as the original hooks.

That’s all there is to it! Our 6 pack kayak seat repair kit has everything you need to get your Lifetime or Emotion kayak seat working like new again. No more dealing with broken parts that ruin your paddling adventures.

Our kayak seat accessories are made from heavy duty nylon and reinforced plastic to handle frequent use in fresh or salt water environments. The UV-resistant straps won’t dry out and crack when exposed to bright sun. The steel tri-glide hooks smoothly adjust strap lengths without snagging. And the plastic latches securely clip the straps in place trip after trip.

Don’t waste money replacing the whole kayak seat when you can restore it good as new with our replacement parts. Why buy generic kludge fixes at the hardware store when our kit is purpose-built to perfectly fit Lifetime and Emotion models? Spend more time paddling and less time struggling with busted straps and latches!

We Guarantee You’ll Love How Our Kayak Seat Repair Kit Gets You Back On The Water Fast

At Kayak Parts Co we live for adventures on the water. Nothing slows the fun down like worn out kayaks with broken parts. That’s why we design quality kayak repair kits that make fixing your Lifetime or Emotion model fast, easy, and affordable.

We want you, your friends, and your family to have amazing experiences out on the lake or coast. Our team is passionate about helping beginners, experts, and everyone in between repair their gear and get back to making memories.

If for any reason our kayak seat repair kit doesn’t meet your expectations, we offer a no hassle 100% money back guarantee. We stand behind the quality and are proud to provide exceptional customer service.

Don’t waste another sunny day dragging your broken kayak around town. Order the complete seat repair package now so you can hit the water next weekend! We can’t wait to hear about the adventures you’ll have.


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