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Lixada Stainless Steel Kayak Rail Mounting Hardware Kit – Rustproof Screws & Nuts for Kayak Accessory Installation


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Take your kayaking adventures to the next level with the Lixada stainless steel kayak rail mounting hardware kit. This top-quality kit includes everything you need to securely install kayak accessories on your watercraft’s existing rails and tracks.

The kit contains 4 stainless steel hex screws and 4 stainless steel track nuts to replace worn out or missing mounting hardware on your kayak. The screws and nuts are made of 304 stainless steel for unmatched strength and corrosion resistance. They won’t rust or seize up even after prolonged use in freshwater and saltwater environments.

Universal Compatibility for All Kayak Rail Systems

This Lixada hardware kit is designed for universal compatibility with almost any kayak on the market. The M6 sized screws and 29 x 13 x 3mm track nuts will securely fit into standard kayak accessory tracks from brands like Ocean Kayak, Perception, Old Town, and more. Upgrading old and worn factory hardware is quick and easy with the included components.

Whether you need to remount rod holders, GPS units, fish finders, paddle clips, or any other accessory onto your kayak, this mounting kit has you covered. No need to hunt down exact replacement parts for your specific kayak brand and model.

Built to Last in Any Conditions

The marine grade stainless steel construction makes this hardware kit highly durable for freshwater and saltwater use. The stainless steel alloy is extremely resistant to corrosion and rust caused by water exposure. You can take on rivers, lakes, and oceans without worrying about your mounting hardware failing.

The tough metal also stands up to UV rays, meaning the screws and nuts won’t become brittle and crack over time. Hot sun and long days out on the water are no match for this high-end mounting hardware.

The kit is just as useful for canoes, row boats, paddle boards, and other small watercraft. The versatile screws and nuts work on any standard accessory track system.

Quick and Simple Installation

Installing and replacing your kayak accessory hardware is made incredibly easy with this complete Lixada kit.

Simply use an M6 hex screwdriver (not included) to securely screw the track nuts into your kayak’s existing rails and tracks. Then insert the stainless steel screws through your accessory and tighten down into the nuts to hold everything in place.

The screws feature wide flanged heads to keep your gear locked down with no wobble or vibration. Installation takes just minutes even for kayaking beginners. No need to pay a professional for basic hardware upgrades.

Technical Specifications

  • Package includes 4 stainless steel screws and 4 stainless steel track nuts
  • Screw Head Dimensions: 12mm diameter x 2mm thickness
  • Track Nut Dimensions: 29 x 13 x 3mm (1.14 x 0.51 x 0.12 inches)
  • Stainless steel construction – 304 grade
  • Corrosion and rust resistant
  • Wide compatibility with universal kayak rail systems

Start Customizing Your Kayak Today

Elevate your paddling experience and unlock your kayak’s full potential with the Lixada stainless steel mounting hardware kit. The corrosion-proof screws and nuts make installing rod holders, fish finders, GoPro mounts, and other accessories a breeze.

Order the complete mounting kit today to replace worn out or missing hardware on your kayak. The universal components ensure full compatibility with your existing accessory track system. Head out on the water with confidence knowing your gear is locked down securely.


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