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LUMENSHOOTER S2plus Premium Scope Mounted Predator Hunting Light Kit with Interchangeable LEDs


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Get the edge on nighttime predator hunting with the LUMENSHOOTER S2plus Premium Scope Mounted Hunting Light Kit. This versatile hunting flashlight allows you to easily switch between green, red, and white LED modules to match your terrain and quarry. The zoomable beam focuses from spot to flood with a simple screw adjustment, putting just the right amount of light on your target without spooking it. Take down varmints, hog, coyote, raccoon, possum, armadillo, and more with this premium scope light.

Interchangeable LED Modules for Versatile Illumination

The LUMENSHOOTER S2plus comes with separate green, red, and white LED modules that are easy to swap out. Green light brightens foliage and brush to reveal hidden animals while being less visible to their eyes. Red light cuts through fog and rain with less reflection. Crisp white light gives the clearest view and best object definition. Having all three colors at your fingertips ensures you have the ideal illumination for any hunting situation.

Precise Zoom Focus

Instead of a floppy sliding zoom, the S2plus uses a sturdy screw adjustment to precisely focus the beam. Easily alternate between a tight spotlight and wide floodlight. For up-close shots, concentrate the intense center beam right on your target. When scanning a wider area, widen the beam to illuminate the entire field of view. The solid zoom mechanism maintains its alignment even with repeated adjustments.

Coil Cord Remote Switch

A handy coil cord attaches the flashlight to a remote pressure switch for convenient fingertip control. With the momentary function, just hold the button for temporary light. Or lock the light on with the click-on switch. The coiled cord stretches up to 34 inches then retracts when not in use. This gives you flexibility in mounting the light while keeping the switch readily accessible.

Versatile Mounting Options

The S2plus was designed specifically for mounting onto rifles and crossbows. An adjustable clamp system securely attaches around 1-inch (25mm) scopes or barrels. You can also remove the bracket for handheld use. The light head rotates vertically through 180 degrees to angle the beam where needed. Horizontal adjustment allows directing the light off to the side rather than straight ahead.

Durable, Weatherproof Construction

The housing is made from aircraft-grade aluminum with a durable black finish. O-ring seals make the light dustproof and water resistant. It’s rugged enough to withstand recoil from high caliber rifles. The glass lens and LED modules resist impact and shocks.

Powerful Illumination

Each LED module produces up to 550 lumens of bright light focused by the quality reflector. The white light model boasts a beam distance of up to 745 feet. An easy access battery compartment takes 4 AAA batteries (included). Runtime lasts over 4 hours on high.

Key Features

– Interchangeable green, red, and white LED modules
– Zoomable beam with sturdy screw adjustment
– Momentary and constant on pressure switch
– 34 inch coiled cord
– Mounts on scopes and barrels
– Aircraft grade aluminum housing
– O-ring sealed – dust and water resistant
– Withstands recoil from firearms
– 4 x AAA batteries included

Take your night hunting to the next level with the versatile LUMENSHOOTER S2plus Premium Scope Mounted Hunting Light Kit. Customize the LED color, beam focus, and mounting to match each hunting situation. Successfully spot and take down more predators after dark!


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