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Lyman Match Shooting Rest Bag and Adjustable Bag Jack – Premium Shooting Rest System for Rifles and Pistols


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Get unmatched stability and customization for long range shooting with the Lyman Match Shooting Rest Bag and Bag Jack combo kit. This premium rest system allows you to dial in the perfect elevation and rock-solid rest for rifles, pistols, and other firearms.

Elevate Your Shooting with the Adjustable Bag Jack

The lightweight yet rugged Bag Jack provides a towering 12.75 inches of adjustable elevation for establishing the ideal shooting position. Constructed from aluminum and steel, this stable platform won’t wobble or shift on the range bench.

Simply set the Bag Jack to your desired height and rest the Match Shooting Bag on top. Use the elevation to accommodate various shooting positions, bipods, benches, and other equipment. Handles allow easy repositioning of the Bag Jack in seconds.

Ultra-Stable Match Shooting Rest Bag

This Match Shooting Bag delivers outstanding stability for your firearm thanks to its intelligent design. The bag firmly squeezes around the forend or grip using the principle of proprioception. This tight fit stabilizes the gun by increasing contact points.

Plush microsuede padding protects your firearm’s finish while preventing slippage. Durable 600D nylon construction withstands abuse on the range. Generous 9 x 4 inch dimensions provide ample surface area for even large firearms.

Customizable for Rifles, Pistols, Benchrest, and More

Adapt this shooting rest system to your specific gun and shooting style. Use the Bag Jack for elevation when shooting prone with a rifle. Set it low when benching pistols. Let it compress for a minimalist profile when packing for matches.

The Match Shooting Bag conforms to any firearm – squeeze tightly for ultimate stability or keep it looser for rapid transitions. Works equally well for hunting rifles, AR platforms, pistols, or specialty firearms.

Key Features

  • Adjustable elevation from 2.75″ up to 12.75″
  • Aluminum and steel Bag Jack construction
  • Non-marring microsuede padding on bag
  • Durable 600D nylon bag construction
  • Generous 9″ x 4″ bag size
  • Weighs just 2.45 lbs total
  • Made in the USA

The Ultimate Shooting Rest System

This Match Shooting Rest System from Lyman lets you achieve the ideal set up for unparalleled shooting stability. Dial in the perfect elevation and squeeze your firearm tightly with the supremely steady Match Shooting Bag.

The lightweight Bag Jack won’t weigh down your range bag, while providing up to a foot of adjustment for any scenario. Compact enough for throwing in a backpack yet durable enough for constant range use.

Whether you’re a casual plinker or competitive marksman, this rest combo will instantly take your shooting accuracy to the next level. Order today to get these two range essentials for one budget-friendly price.


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