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Lyman Tac-Mat Shooting Mat – Long Range Shooting Mat for Precision Shooting and Hunting


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Experience total comfort and stability for long range shooting with the Lyman Tac-Mat Shooting Mat. Designed for precision tactical and target shooting, this high-performance shooting mat provides a supportive, padded surface when spending long hours at the range or in the field.

Full Padding for Elbow and Knee Comfort

The Lyman Tac-Mat is generously padded along its entire surface to cushion your elbows, knees, and body while prone shooting. The 1/2” closed cell foam padding protects your joints and allows you to hold steadier aim shot after shot without discomfort. Spend hours on the range on this supportive shooting pad.

Non-Slip Bottom Keeps Mat in Place

The bottom of the Lyman shooting mat features a non-slip surface that keeps the mat stable on any terrain. The gripping bottom prevents the mat from shifting on smooth surfaces or dirt when getting into firing position. Set up your shooting mat and know it will stay firmly planted.

Large Size Accommodates Tall Shooters

Measuring a spacious 79” long x 24” wide, the Lyman Tac-Mat provides plenty of room for shooters of all heights. Taller shooters can fully extend on this oversized mat without hanging off the end or sides. The long length also provides space for your spotting scope, ammunition, and other gear.

Lightweight with Carry Handle for Transport

The Lyman shooting mat rolls up for easy transport to the range or field with an integrated carry handle to make it easy to bring along. The lightweight padded mat is easier to carry than traditional shooting mats. The Tac-Mat weighs only 4 lbs for effortless packing.

Durable 1000 Denier Nylon Construction

Built tough for outdoor use, the Lyman Tac-Mat is constructed from 1000 denier nylon that can withstand rugged terrain. The abrasion-resistant woven nylon material holds up to years of use. Sturdy webbing is used to reinforce high stress points.

Low-Profile Dark Color

Blends into surroundings with the dark earth tone color. The neutral flat dark earth color doesn’t stand out when you’re trying to stay concealed in the field during tactical shooting and hunting.

Weather Resistant

The durable, coated nylon material shrugs off moisture from damp ground and light rain so you can continue shooting through less than ideal weather. The closed cell foam also resists absorbing water.

Versatile For Any Outdoor Shooting

The Lyman Tac-Mat works great for prone long range target shooting, tactical training, varmint hunting, or any shooting sport requiring an extended firing position. Provides padding and support shot after shot.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 79” x 24”
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Material: 1000 denier nylon
  • Padding: 1/2” closed cell foam
  • Color: Flat dark earth

Experience unmatched comfort and stability on your next range session with the Lyman Tac-Mat Shooting Mat. Specifically designed for long hours of tactical and precision shooting. The generous padding cushions elbows and knees while the non-slip bottom keeps the mat firmly in position. Durable 1000D nylon stands up to rugged use. The oversized size provides plenty of room for taller shooters. Order yours today!


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