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Magnum Target 8″ Round AR500 Steel Shooting Target – Tough & Durable Shooting Plate for Pistol & Rifle


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Take your shooting skills to the next level with this rugged and versatile round shooting target from Magnum Target. Crafted from 3/8″ thick AR500 steel, this high quality shooting plate is built to withstand thousands of rounds from nearly any pistol or rifle caliber.

Whether you’re a casual plinker, a competitive shooter, or a hunter sighting in a new scope, this AR500 steel target gives you an accurate, satisfying dose of instant shooting feedback. The round 8″ diameter plate flips and spins when hit, letting you know exactly where your shots are connecting.

Built Tough for Superior Durability

This round target plate is precision cut from new, American-made AR500 steel using CNC plasma cutters. It’s then submerged in a water bath during the cutting process to ensure the steel maintains its optimal properties and durability. The result is a superior quality shooting target capable of shrugging off rounds from 9mm, .45 ACP, .223, 30-06, .308, and other common pistol and rifle calibers.

While traditional paper targets tear and cardboard targets dent, this AR500 steel plate holds up hit after hit, season after season. The smooth, slick surface also prevents splatter and lead buildup, keeping your range time hassle-free.

Reversible Face Doubles Target Life

This shooting target features a reversible face, giving you two target surfaces for the price of one. When one side eventually starts to pit and dimple from repeated impacts, simply flip the plate over to reveal a fresh target face. Extend the life of your target and improve your shooting precision with this handy reversible design.

Hanger Bracket for Versatile Positioning

This round target includes a sturdy hanger bracket designed to fit standard T-posts. This allows you to securely mount your target at just the right height and angle on the range or shooting area. No more propping up targets on makeshift stands or hanging them from ropes. The hanger bracket keeps your target firmly in place exactly where you want it.

Technical Specifications

  • Total Dimensions: 8″ diameter round plate
  • Steel Thickness: 3/8″
  • Steel Type: AR500
  • Target Face: Reversible
  • Hanger: Bracket for T-post mounting
  • Quantity: 1 target plate & 1 hanger bracket
  • Weight: Approximately 5 lbs

With its rugged durability, versatile design, and premium quality construction, this round AR500 steel shooting target from Magnum Target is built to improve your marksmanship for years to come. Order today and see your shooting skills reach the next level!


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