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Make Every Stroke Count with the OCEANBROAD Carbon Fiber Kayak Paddle




Glide effortlessly across lakes, rivers, and oceans with the OCEANBROAD Carbon Fiber Kayak Paddle. This lightweight yet durable paddle is meticulously crafted using premium materials to deliver smooth, powerful strokes on every kayaking adventure.

Carbon Fiber Shaft Provides Strength Without Excess Weight

The 98 inch shaft is constructed from 100% carbon fiber for unmatched strength and minimal weight. At just 37 ounces total, the OCEANBROAD paddle allows you to paddle longer without fatigue. The carbon fiber material also dampens vibrations to give you a smoother feel on every stroke.

Reinforced Polypropylene Blades Offer Superior Durability

The wide, fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene blades generate substantial forward momentum to pick up speed on flat water or propel through rapids. The UV-stabilized polypropylene construction resists cracking, warping and sun damage so these blades will last season after season.

Adjustable Ferrule Locks In Your Ideal Paddling Angle

An adjustable ferrule connects the two-piece shaft and allows you to lock in your perfect paddling angle. Choose from 60, 90 or 120 degree angles for optimized comfort and power. Once set, the ferrule locks securely in place to prevent unwanted rotation during strokes.

Lightweight Yet Capable of Serious Performance

Don’t let the featherlight 37 ounce total weight fool you – the OCEANBROAD paddle means business on the water. The rigid carbon fiber shaft and reinforced blades generate the power needed for paddling through rapids or traveling long distances without wearing out your arms. Despite its lightweight and packable size, this paddle performs like a beast.

Designed for All-Day Kayaking Comfort

The OCEANBROAD paddle is designed to work with your body’s natural mechanics for a comfortable, low-strain paddling position all day long. The 98 inch length gives you a long, sweeping stroke that engages your core and saves wear and tear on your joints. Ergonomic, ovalized grips fit comfortably in your hands and stay slip-resistant – even when wet.

Secure Paddle Leash Keeps Your Paddle from Floating Away

A handy paddle leash comes included with the OCEANBROAD kayak paddle to keep it tethered to your kayak. The long bungee cord attaches easily to your kayak and stretches to allow full range of motion while paddling. If you accidentally drop your paddle in the drink, the leash keeps it from floating away while you grab it.

Floats If Dropped Overboard

Accidents happen, and you just might lose grip of your paddle now and then. No worries with the OCEANBROAD kayak paddle – the polypropylene blade construction ensures the paddle will float if dropped overboard. The high-visibility orange blade is also easy to spot floating on the water’s surface.

Drip Rings Keep You and the Shaft Dry

Strategically placed drip rings on the paddle shaft prevent water from running down into your hands or onto the kayak deck. Any drips from the blades will be stopped in their tracks by the drip rings. Just one more thoughtful design element that makes the OCEANBROAD paddle a pleasure to use.

Take It Apart for Easy Portability

The two-piece take-apart design lets you quickly disassemble the OCEANBROAD paddle for transport and storage. At 98 inches long when assembled, the paddle may be too long to carry as one piece. But when separated into two sections, it easily fits into car trunks, gear closets, RV storage bays and more.

Customize Your Fit with Height Markings

Want to fine tune your paddle length? Height adjustment markings on the paddle shaft allow you to customize the assembled length as needed. If you want to trim it down to fit your height and paddling style, simply line up the blade and grip at your desired length setting.

Light on Your Wallet, Not Features

Despite its premium carbon fiber construction and deluxe features, the OCEANBROAD paddle remains gentle on your wallet. It provides serious quality and performance that rivals far more expensive major name brand gear. You get rivalling durability and quality at a price that fits your budget.

OCEANBROAD’s Worry-Free Warranty

All OCEANBROAD paddles are backed by a complete customer satisfaction warranty. In the unlikely event you experience any quality issues, OCEANBROAD will provide a replacement or full refund – no questions asked!

Take Your Paddling to the Next Level

Upgrade your kayaking adventures with the OCEANBROAD Carbon Fiber Kayak Paddle. Its thoughtful design provides all-day comfort, reliable performance and the features you need to paddle your best on the water. Order today and see why customers consistently rate this paddle 5 stars!


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