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MATISUN Portable Waterproof Flint Fire Starter Match Camping Fire Starter Kit


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Stay prepared for any outdoor adventure with the MATISUN Portable Waterproof Flint Fire Starter Match. This versatile fire starting kit includes everything you need to get a fire going quickly and easily, even in wet conditions.

The highlight of this kit is the included waterproof flint fire starter matches. These reusable matches utilize flint and steel to create sparks, so you don’t have to worry about regular matches getting wet or windblown. Just scrape off the black wax on the included striker, and you’ll create a shower of sparks to light your tinder. The flint matches and striker are designed to last for up to 15,000 lights, so you’ll get plenty of use out of this reliable fire starter.

In addition to being waterproof, the flint matches and enclosed striker are designed to work in all weather conditions – rain, snow, wind, humidity, etc. You can count on getting a fire started with ease no matter the environment. The striker produces a 3,000°C spark – hot enough to ignite even damp tinder.

The flint fire starter match kit comes with a handy keychain ring, so you can keep it attached to your keys or backpack at all times. The compact yet rugged aluminum alloy casing ensures this fire starter is durable and portable enough for all your outdoor adventures.

Whether you’re camping, hiking, fishing, or enjoying any activities outdoors, this match kit eliminates the need to pack regular matches that could get damaged. The waterproof design makes this an especially handy item to have in emergency survival kits for your car, RV, boat, or home.

Reliable Fire Starter for All Weather Conditions

If you enjoy camping, fishing, hiking, or other outdoor pursuits, having a reliable fire starter is essential gear. Regular matches or lighters can easily become damaged or unusable when wet, windy, or cold. This is when the MATISUN flint fire starter match shines.

The flint and steel design allows you to create sparks to ignite tinder, even in the pouring rain or snowstorms. The striker produces a 3000°C spark with just a scrape, so you can start a roaring fire even in unfavorable conditions.

The durable, waterproof casing ensures the flint match stays dry on the inside. Take this fire starter canoeing, kayaking, sailing, or for any water activities without worry. The set floats in water as well, in case it gets dropped overboard.

For cold weather camping or hiking trips, the flint match still operates flawlessly unlike regular matches. The spring-loaded lid keeps the match protected inside the weatherproof container, ready to provide sparks whenever needed.

Windy days at the beach or on mountain trails are no match for this fire starter’s sparks. You can quickly get a campfire or cooking fire started out of the wind.

No matter the weather conditions on your next outdoor adventure, never find yourself without a way to start a warming and drying fire. This MATISUN flint fire starter match kit is designed to work flawlessly in all environments.

Compact and Portable Design

The MATISUN flint fire starter match conveniently comes with a keychain ring, allowing you to keep it ready on your key set or clipped to your pack or belt loop. The compact aluminum alloy casing is lightweight and durable to withstand being tossed in bags and packs.

Measuring just 2.76 x 1.57 x 0.59 inches and weighing only 1.6 ounces, this match kit won’t take up much room in your hiking backpack, tackle box, bug out bag, or emergency kit. Keep it in your pocket for quick access whenever you need to start an impromptu fire.

The attached keychain ring also comes with a handy bottle opener, giving you another useful tool for outdoor activities and adventures.

For backpackers trying to shed every ounce possible, this is an excellent ultra-lightweight fire starting option. The enclosed flint match and striker weigh less than a small box of regular matches, yet provide vastly improved wet weather performance.

The secure spring-loaded lid keeps the flint match protected inside the waterproof container when not in use. It won’t accidentally come open in your pack or gear bag, keeping the match in perfect condition.

Thanks to the ingeniously compact and portable design, you can keep this MATISUN fire starter match with you anytime you head outdoors or travel. It takes up hardly any space, yet provides invaluable utility.

Built To Last a Lifetime

This high-quality flint fire starter match kit is designed for a lifetime of reliable use. The rugged waterproof casing is crafted from durable aluminum alloy to withstand years of adventure. Even after extensive use, the container remains fully weatherproof to keep the match inside protected.

The enclosed flint match and attached striker bar are built to hold up to 15,000 lights. No need to worry about running out; you’ll get years of consistent fire starting ability with proper care.

All parts of the MATISUN flint fire starter match are made to the highest standards. Only premium flint, steel, and alloy components are used to ensure maximum longevity.

The striker produces a powerful 3000°C spark to light even poorly prepared tinder every single time. Unlike cheap fire steels that quickly degrade, this high-quality striker retains its spark creating ability even after frequent use.

Don’t waste money replacing faulty emergency fire starters year after year. This MATISUN kit comes complete with a flint match and striker designed for lifelong performance. Know you’ll always be prepared with a reliable fire starting ability wherever your travels take you.

Perfect Survival Fire Starter

For emergency preparedness kits, the MATISUN waterproof flint fire starter match is an excellent survival tool to include. The weatherproof design ensures it’s always ready to work, while the compact keychain style makes it easy to keep in any kit or bag.

Stash this fire starter in your earthquake or flood disaster kit to provide reliable fire starting ability even if regular matches and lighters become soaked and useless. The sealed casing keeps the flint match dry while floating if dropped in water, allowing you to retrieve it undamaged.

Keep one in your vehicle emergency kit for getting a life-saving fire started after an accident or breakdown far from help. The flint match won’t be affected by temperature extremes inside a hot or cold vehicle.

featuring a flint match enclosed in a durable waterproof container, this fire starter is perfectly designed for survival situations. The ability to create fire makes this a priceless item to include in any emergency or survival kit.

Perfect for Outdoor Activities

Campers, hikers, fishers, and all other outdoor enthusiasts need a foolproof way to start fires for cooking, warmth, and comfort. Matches and butane lighters easily fail in wind and wet weather, but this MATISUN flint fire starter match provides reliable fire starting anytime.

The waterproof, windproof, and cold-resistant design makes this match kit ideal for:

– Camping – Start your campfire or tent stove quickly even after heavy rains.

– Hiking – Rely on fire for cooking and warmth no matter the conditions on the trail.

– Fishing – Quickly get a fillet table or bankside cooking fire going after handling wet gear and tackle.

– Hunting – Dry out and warm up instantly after a cold rain shower ruins regular matches.

– Backpacking – Ultralight fire starting ability that won’t fail in storms when you need it most.

– Bushcraft & Survival – Create fire, the most essential element of survival, with this match kit.

– Off-Road & Overlanding – Start cooking fires no matter how remote your adventure takes you.

– Sailing & Boating – Withstand ocean storms and immersed gear to still produce fire when needed.

For any activities in wet outdoor environments, this durable waterproof flint fire starter is an essential item to bring. Rest assured you’ll stay warm and fueled up no matter how rough the conditions get.

The Perfect Gift for Outdoor Enthusiasts

A gear item this useful makes the MATISUN waterproof flint fire starter match an ideal gift for the outdoor adventurers in your life. It provides utility and security for anyone who spends time in the elements, while fitting nicely into a budget.

The versatility of this firestarter makes it a thoughtful gift whether they enjoy hiking, camping, hunting, emergency preparedness, or other outdoor hobbies. It’s an item they’ll keep for years of reliable use.

Christmas, Father’s Day, birthdays, retirements, anniversaries, and holidays are perfect occasions to give the gift of foolproof fire starting. It’s a unique and handpicked item they’ll appreciate every time they head out into nature’s unpredictable environment.

For any outdoor activity gifts or stocking stuffers, consider this handy fire starter kit. It covers an essential need for outdoor enthusiasts who rely on the ability to create fire, packaged in a durable container they can keep for life.

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