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MOSFiATA 4 Pack 100W RGB LED Flood Lights – Customizable Color Changing Outdoor Lights with Remote Control




Illuminate your outdoor space in style with the MOSFiATA 4 Pack 100W RGB LED Flood Lights. With a super bright 12,000 lumens output, these smart floodlights pack a colorful punch, allowing you to choose from over 16 million colors to set the perfect mood for any occasion.

The built-in RGBW LEDs produce vivid colors that can be easily customized using the included remote control. Mix red, green, blue, and white to dial in your desired shade or use the 15 pre-programmed modes like “strobe”, “jump”, “fade” for a dazzling light show. You can even adjust the speed and brightness to suit your needs. Whether you’re hosting a party, accenting your landscaping, or lighting up your patio, the color options are endless.

Despite their high luminosity, these floodlights only consume 100 watts each, saving you money on electricity. The durable housing is IP66 waterproof, so you can install them anywhere outdoors without worrying about exposure to the elements. Rain or shine, MOSFiATA floodlights will withstand the test of time.

Setting up this 4 pack is a breeze with the user-friendly design. Each light has an adjustable bracket that tilts and swivels, allowing you to direct the beam where you want it. Plug them into any standard outlet and you’ll be ready to start customizing colors in no time.

For even more convenience, the built-in timer function lets you automate the lights to turn on and off at set times each day. The memory function also recalls your last color and brightness settings.

With superior brightness, full RGBW color mixing, and a robust housing, the MOSFiATA 4 Pack 100W RGB LED Flood Lights are ideal for:

Outdoor Parties – Entertain guests with a dancefloor lit up in vibrant colors. Program a dynamic light show synced to the music for ambiance.

Landscape Lighting – Highlight gardens, fountains, and other architectural elements bathed in your favorite hue.

Patios & Decks – Set a relaxing vibe on your patio or deck with soft mood lighting.

Event Lighting – Stage your outdoor wedding, reception, or event with customizable lighting.

Security Lighting – Use the super-bright white light when you need help seeing at night. Deter intruders with active lighting.

Video Shoots – Film outdoor YouTube videos, TikToks, or portraits with flattering RGB lighting.

Halloween & Holidays – Make your house the talk of the neighborhood with colorful holiday lighting displays.

Accent Lighting – Up-light trees and buildings to add drama and transform spaces after dark.

With an A+ rating from verified buyers, the MOSFiATA LED floodlights have proven themselves to be a versatile addition to any home. The superior CRI>85 ensures colors appear vivid and true to life. Whether you’re a lighting designer, homeowner, or occasional entertainer, this 4 pack gives you the ability to turn your yard into a customizable canvas of light. With the included remote and smart features like timed auto shut-off, operating the lights is totally hassle-free.

No wiring or special tools are required for installation – just plug in and position each floodlight head as desired. For superior lighting and effortless ambiance, choose the MOSFiATA 4 Pack 100W RGB LED Flood Lights. Customize your outdoor space today!


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