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Napolju Air Water Bottle with 20 Flavor Pods – 750ml Fruit-Infused Sports Bottle for Gym, Yoga, Hiking


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Stay hydrated in style with the Napolju Air Water Bottle. This sleek 750ml fruit-infused water bottle makes plain water taste like a refreshing fruit drink. With 20 included flavor pods, it adds a burst of natural flavor with zero sugar, chemicals or calories.

The patented air water bottle design takes hydration to the next level. As you sip through the straw, air flows over the integrated flavor pod, releasing fruity aromas you can taste and smell. It’s like drinking refreshing fruit-infused water without all the hassle of chopping up produce and waiting for it to steep.

The flavor pods clip into the lid and are fully removable for cleaning or when you want unflavored water. Napolju offers a wide variety of flavor packs like strawberry, peach, orange, lemon, and more so you can customize your water. Each pod lasts 4-6 weeks so you can keep the fruity flavors flowing.

Crafted from shatter-resistant Tritan plastic, the reusable bottle is BPA-free and odor resistant. The twist-lock lid ensures a leak and spill-proof seal, and the carry strap makes transport easy. Whether you’re at the gym, work, hiking, or lounging at home, this bottle keeps cold fruit-flavored hydration on hand.

Napolju Air Water Bottle Key Features:

– Patented Air-Infusion Technology – Flavor without artificial additives
– 20 Assorted Fruit Flavor Pods – Mix and match flavors for variety
– Generous 750ml Capacity – Holds plenty of water to keep you hydrated
– Leakproof Lid With Safety Lock – Secure seal and easy open with one hand
– Tritan Plastic Construction – Shatter and odor resistant
– Removable Silicone Straw – Prevents spills and choking hazards
– Convenient Carry Strap – For easy transport to the gym or outdoors
– BPA and Toxin-Free – Made from food-grade materials

Flavored Water Without the Guilt

Skip the artificially flavored water with additives you can’t pronounce. The Napolju air water bottle infuses your water with real fruit flavorings for guilt-free hydration. Each pod is made from non-GMO ingredients derived from real fruits. Give water an extra burst of flavor when you want it, or take the pod out for unflavored water.

Customized Flavors

With 20 assorted fruit flavor pods, you can mix up the flavors throughout your week. The pods simply twist onto the mouthpiece to hold them in place. Experiment with different flavor combinations like Berry Mix or Citrus Blend. Or stick to just your favorites! Additional pods can be purchased to continually change up your water.

Portable Hydration

The looped nylon strap makes it easy to carry your fruit-infused water bottle anywhere. The contoured design is comfortable to hold while working out or on the go. The screw-top lid ensures no leaks, and the silicone mouthpiece prevents uncomfortable choking water accidents.

Whether you’re hiking, at your desk, or winding down at home, the Napolju bottle keeps refreshing flavored water on hand. The generous 750ml capacity means fewer refills.

Superior Construction

Made from shatterproof, odor-resistant Tritan plastic, this BPA-free water bottle withstands daily use. It won’t transfer odors or colors to your water. The materials are heat and cold resistant between -20°C to 100°C.

Simply unscrew the silicone mouthpiece and lid to wash by hand with mild soap and water. No more slimy fruit pieces in your bottle!

Take Your Tastebuds on a Flavor Journey!

Plain water can seem boring when you’re used to sugary sodas and juice. The Napolju Air Water Bottle makes staying hydrated delicious with flavor packed pods. Dial in just the right fruity flavors and aromas to satisfy your palate and give you something to look forward to with every sip.


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