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NorthPada 32ft Orange Reflective Floating Marine Rope – Mooring, Anchor, Tow, Dock Line for Boats, Kayaks, Canoes


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This bright orange floating rope from NorthPada is a versatile marine accessory perfect for mooring lines, tow lines, anchor lines, dock lines, and more. Made from high-strength polypropylene, this rope floats on water and stands out with its reflective orange exterior.

Floats on Water for Excellent Visibility

Unlike traditional ropes that sink, this floating rope stays on the surface when deployed in water. The bright orange exterior is easy to spot, making the line highly visible.

This provides several key benefits:

– Easier to grab onto when in the water
– Reduces instances of the line getting caught on underwater objects
– Minimizes tripping hazards on docks
– Reflective color boosts visibility at night or in low light

The rope’s lightweight polypropylene construction gives it excellent buoyancy. Even after prolonged use, the rope retains its ability to float.

Durable and Strong Polypropylene Construction

Underneath the reflective orange exterior is a high-strength polypropylene core that gives this rope its strength. Made from twisted strands surrounded by a braided cover, the rope can handle up to 10kN of load without breaking.

Polypropylene offers excellent resistance to rot, mildew, and degradation from saltwater, fuel, and UV exposure. It’s also known for its high strength-to-weight ratio, meaning it provides remarkable strength without excessive weight.

This makes the rope easy to handle and reduces strain when towing watercraft, mooring boats, or managing dock lines. The durable construction ensures a long service life.

Versatile Marine and Watersports Applications

With 32 feet of length, this floating rope is useful for a variety of applications:

  • Mooring lines for securing boats and ships
  • Anchor lines for temporary anchorage
  • Tow lines for pontoons, dinghies, kayaks, canoes, and rafts
  • Dock lines for keeping watercraft secured alongside docks or piers
  • Throw lines for water rescue applications
  • Pulling lines for water skiing or wakeboarding

The 12mm diameter provides a good balance of handling ease and strength. It works for both small and larger recreational watercraft.

Simple and Secure Knots

This floating rope holds knots securely. Polypropylene construction prevents knots from slipping loose, which is important for applications like mooring cleats where a tight knot is critical.

Use simple knots like the bowline, clove hitch, and figure eight follow-through when attaching this rope. These knots are easy to tie but hold fast in polypropylene rope.

For ends that will need frequent tying/untying, consider using a stopper knot or whipped end to prevent fraying. This will maximize the life of the rope.

Enhances Safety and Visibility on the Water

The reflective properties of this floating rope give it 360° visibility, making it easy to spot both day and night. This enhances safety when using the rope in low light conditions.

The bright color also helps prevent instances of other boats striking the line, which can cause damage or injury. It’s easy for passing boaters to see and avoid the visible orange rope.

Overall, this versatile floating rope is a must-have accessory for boaters, anglers, kayakers, and watersports enthusiasts. Order a 32ft length today and keep it on hand for all your marine and dock needs.


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