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NovelBee 4pcs Boat Pull Up Flush Mount Cleats – 316 Stainless Steel Retractable Low-Profile Dock Cleats with Backing Plate and Hardware


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Keep your boat neatly docked with these sleek, retractable NovelBee flush mount cleats. Made from rugged 316 stainless steel, they sit nearly flush to your deck when not in use. Pop them up with a toe or finger to easily secure dock lines and fenders.

Choose either 6 or 8 inch size cleats to match your boat hardware. The 316 stainless construction ensures maximum corrosion and rust resistance in harsh marine environments.

Low Profile Design

These boat cleats install directly onto any flat surface for a streamlined look. When retracted, they sit just 3/8 inch above the deck, preventing stubbed toes and tripped passengers. A quick flip with your foot deploys them for immediate use when docking.

The flush mount style keeps your boat deck free of protruding snags that can catch on clothing or skin. It also creates a sleek, polished aesthetic compared to bulky above-deck cleats. Your craft retains a smooth, uncluttered silhouette for enhanced performance and handling.

Simple Installation

Mounting these clever cleats takes just minutes with basic tools. Each unit comes with a 2mm thick stainless backing plate that spans a 4 inch diameter footprint. Match up the holes and fasten with your own screws or bolts appropriate for the mounting surface.

Alternatively, use the included lock nuts with machine screws to secure the plates from underneath a fiberglass or wood deck. Recess the nuts into a shallow channel or wide pilot hole. The backing plates evenly distribute force across the deck surface for a secure grip.

Heavy Duty Construction

These retractable cleats withstand the rigors of marine use thanks to robust stainless steel construction. The 316 marine grade stainless resists corrosion from saltwater exposure better than 304 or 303 stainless. It maintains its polished sheen and smooth action through years of service.

The cleats measure approximately 4 inches wide and project 2 to 2.5 inches above the deck when deployed. Grooved rubber gaskets ensure smooth, rattle-free operation as they raise and lower. The horn openings accept dock lines up to 3/4 inch thick without jamming.

Versatile Utility

These NovelBee flush mount cleats serve a dual purpose for docking and general deck use. The horn design securely holds mooring and tow ropes while docking without popping out of the cleat. They also work well for general cleat duties like:

  • Securing kayak tow ropes
  • Tying down equipment
  • Mounting boat fenders
  • Hanging cargo nets

Their retractable function keeps the horns safely out of the way until needed. Get docking and deck utility convenience in one flexible product with these quality stainless steel cleats. They make a sleek but strong upgrade for any boat.

Order Yours Today

Keep your boat, kayak or pontoon neatly tied up at dock with these handy retractable cleats. No more stumbling over protruding horns or snagging clothes. Just fast onboard access when you need it.

Buy the NovelBee 4pcs flush mount boat cleat set now to enhance your onboard experience.


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