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NRC&XRC Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel 90° Flush Mount Fuel Vent for Boats


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This high quality 316 stainless steel flush mount fuel vent from NRC&XRC is the ideal way to vent your boat’s fuel tank. Built to last using durable and corrosion resistant 316 marine grade stainless steel, this fuel vent is designed specifically for the harsh saltwater boating environment.

The 90° angled vent allows for flexible and flush installation on your boat’s deck or transom. No more catching ropes or bumping knees on protruding vents! The low profile design sits nearly flush with the mounting surface for a clean, streamlined look.

Corrosion Resistant 316 Stainless Steel

The 316 stainless steel construction gives maximum corrosion resistance for long lasting durability. 316 stainless contains molybdenum which increases resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion in chloride environments like sea water. The precision polished mirror finish will maintain its luster season after season.

Flush 90° Design

The 90° angled vent head allows for flexible mounting positions on vertical or horizontal surfaces. The vent can be positioned to point forwards, backwards, or to the side depending on your installation requirements.

The low profile design sits nearly flush with the deck or transom surface and won’t catch on dock lines, anchor lines, swimwear or skin. It provides effective venting without a protruding vent head.

For 5/8″ ID Fuel Hoses

The interior diameter is sized for use with standard 5/8″ ID fuel hoses on boats. The included gasket provides a tight seal when installing your fuel hoses.

Venting tank pressure prevents fuel leaks, pressure buildup, and deformation over time. Properly vented fuel systems improve engine performance and efficiency.

Universal Boat Fuel Vent

This versatile fuel vent fitting can be installed on most marine fuel tanks and systems. The included gasket and mounting hardware allow for quick DIY installation on your boat’s deck, transom, or fuel cell.

Just cut or drill a 1 3/8” hole and fasten with the mounting bolts. No welding or fabrication required!

Use it as a main fuel vent or auxiliary vent. Works for gasoline, diesel, fresh water, waste tanks, and more.

What’s Included

– 90° 5/8” vent head
– Mounting gasket
– Mounting bolts
– Installation instructions

Easy Installation

Installation is quick and easy with common tools – no drilling or welding needed!

1. Cut or drill 1 3/8″ hole in mounting surface
2. Insert vent fitting into hole with gasket in place
3. Align fastener holes and bolt in place from underside
4. Attach fuel vent hose
5. Enjoy flawlessly working vent!

The included gasket ensures a tight, rattle-free fit. Stainless steel mounting hardware is resistant to corrosion.

Detailed installation instructions with diagrams are included to walk you through the simple process. An extra gasket is provided just in case.

Superior Quality

This fuel vent is manufactured to precise specifications using quality 316 stainless steel. The external surfaces are finely polished to a mirror finish that looks great on any boat.

Precision CNC machining ensures a perfect fit with the included gasket every time. The quality control team thoroughly inspects each vent to guarantee flawless form and function.

You can count on years of reliable service from this well-made stainless steel fuel vent. Your boat will look great and your fuel system will vent properly season after season.

Universal Boat Compatibility

This stainless steel flush mount vent head fits most marine fuel systems including:

– Gasoline fuel tanks
– Diesel fuel tanks
– Freshwater tanks
– Waste/sewage tanks
– Permanently installed fuel cells
– Portable fuel tanks
– And more!

It is not recommended for temporary fuel containers like jerry cans or gas caddies. Please check your tank hole spacing to ensure fit.

This versatile universal vent works on all types of recreational boats:

– Fishing boats
– Bowriders
– Cuddies
– Cruisers
– Pontoons
– Inflatables and RIBs
– Sailboats
– Yachts
– Jet boats
– Houseboats
– Bass boats
– And more!


– Materials: 316 stainless steel
– Inlet Inner Diameter: 5/8″
– Angle: 90°
– Gasket: Nitrile rubber
– Mounting Hardware: 316 stainless steel

This flush mount fuel vent looks great and works flawlessly on all types of boats. The quality 316 stainless steel construction resists corrosion in marine environments.

Order the NRC&XRC marine grade 316 stainless steel 90° flush mount fuel vent today to properly and reliably vent your boat’s fuel system!


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