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OKEER Solar Spotlights Outdoor – 600 Lumen Weatherproof Landscape Lights for Yard, Garden, House, 4 Pack


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Illuminate your outdoor spaces beautifully with OKEER solar powered spotlights. These energy efficient lights are designed to enhance your yard, garden, or exterior without complicated wiring or installation.

Bright 600 Lumen Output

Each solar spotlight produces a bright 600 lumen light output on the high setting. The wide 50° beam angle spreads the light over a large area for maximum coverage. Easily adjust the light heads to aim where you need illumination the most.

Dual Light Modes

Choose between low and high brightness modes to suit your needs. Low mode provides 12 hours of continuous light and is great for ambient garden lighting. Switch to high when you need maximum brightness for 8 hours, perfect for pathways, patios and high traffic areas.

Efficient Solar Charging

An upgraded high efficiency solar panel converts more of the sun’s energy for quicker charging. Even in cloudy conditions, the panel will power the integrated 2200mAh battery pack. Fully charged, the spotlights will provide light throughout the night.

Auto On/Off Sensor

No need to manually turn the spotlights on or off each day. The built-in light sensor automatically turns on at night and off at dawn to conserve power. Always be greeted with a safely lit entry when coming home after dark.

Weatherproof and Durable

With an IP65 waterproof rating, these spot lights are designed to withstand the elements. Rain, snow, and temperature extremes (-4°F to 140°F) won’t affect performance. The rugged aluminum housing will look great season after season.

Simple Installation

Install your new spotlights in minutes with the included ground stake or mount to walls and surfaces. No wiring or electrical work needed. Position the solar panel in a sunny location and aim the LED head where you want light.

Perfect Accent Lighting

Highlight gardens, landscaping, pathways, and architectural details. The focused beam adds dramatic flair and security. Use along driveways, porches, and poolsides. Great lighting for special events and parties.

Brighten up your outdoor living areas with OKEER solar spotlights. Order a 4-pack today to enhance your yard beautifully!


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