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Ozark Armament Flip-Up Back Up Iron Sights for Picatinny and Weaver Rails – Fiber Optic Front and Dual Aperture Rear Sight Set for Rifles


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Need a sturdy, lightweight, and convenient back up iron sight set for your rifle? Look no further than the Ozark Armament Flip-Up Iron Sights. Designed for picatinny and weaver rails, these rugged metal sights flip up easily when needed and fold down flat when not in use.

Quick and Easy to Deploy

The Ozark Armament flip up sights feature a low profile, flip up design that allows you to quickly deploy them when needed. Just press the spring-loaded button on each sight and they instantly flip up into shooting position. When it’s time to stow them, simply press the button again to fold the sights down out of the way. The slim folded profile minimizes snagging and weighing down your rifle.

Dual Aiming Apertures for Versatility

The Ozark Armament rear sight provides two different sized apertures for greater shooting versatility. The larger aperture allows for faster target acquisition in close quarters while the smaller aperture provides greater accuracy at longer ranges. Switch between the two apertures easily depending on your shooting needs.

Fiber Optic Front Sight for Visibility

The front sight post features a bright fiber optic insert in vivid red or green for excellent visibility and quick sight alignment. The fiber optic insert gathers ambient light, making the front post highly visible and eye-catching. Just line up the glowing front post in the rear peep sight and you’re ready to fire accurately.

Adjustable for Windage and Elevation

Both the front and rear flip up sights are adjustable for windage and elevation to dial in your point of aim precisely. The rear sight features audible clicks as you turn the adjustment dials so you can clearly hear each sight adjustment. An elevation adjustment tool is included with the front sight post for easy zeroing.

Durable, Lightweight 6061 Aluminum Construction

Built from durable 6061 aluminum, these backup iron sights are rugged and lightweight. They can stand up to rough handling and field use while adding minimal extra weight to your rifle setup. The anodized matte black finish resists corrosion, scratches, and wear and tear.

Compatible with Picatinny and Weaver Rails

The Ozark Armament backup sights work with both picatinny and weaver style rails to mount on a wide variety of rifles. Whether you need iron sights for an AR-15, bolt action rifle, AK, or other firearm, these sights have you covered as long as you have a picatinny or weaver rail section.

Easy Installation

Mounting the flip up iron sights takes just minutes using the included Allen wrench and screws. Simply position them on your rifle’s rail spacing them appropriately, tighten down the clamping bolt, and you’re set. No gunsmithing required!

Flips Up When You Need It, Disappears When You Don’t

The beauty of the Ozark Armament back up flip sight set is that it’s there when you need it but doesn’t get in the way when you don’t. Running low on ammo for your scope? Flip up the sights and keep shooting. Need your optic clear and unobstructed? Fold the sights down and it’s like they’re not even there. The quick deploy flip up design gives you iron sight capability without permanent attachments or weights dragging down your rifle.

Know You Can Rely On It

Nothing boosts shooting confidence like having reliable back up iron sights on your rifle. No more worrying about scopes losing zero or failing mechanically. With the Ozark Armament flip up sights, you’ve got back up iron sights ready to save the day every time you head to the range or field. Put your mind at ease knowing you have a secondary aiming system just a flip away.

The Ozark Armament Flip-Up Iron Sight Set is an invaluable addition to any scoped rifle platform. Don’t get caught without back up sights when you need them most. Order yours today and be prepared for any shooting scenario!


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