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Pelican T-Curved Ergo Handle for Kayak Paddles – Convert Your Kayak Oar into a Single Blade for Fishing and Maneuverability


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Transform your standard kayak paddle into a versatile single blade oar with the Pelican T-Curved Ergo Handle. This ingenious accessory retrofits onto most Pelican kayak paddles, allowing you to easily convert between a double and single blade setup. With just the push of a button, you can switch from paddling to fishing or navigating tight spaces.

Maneuver Tight Spaces and Control Your Kayak with Ease

The T-curved ergonomic grip on the Pelican handle gives you superior control when using your paddle as a single oar. The contoured textured handle fits comfortably in your hand, allowing you to steer and position your kayak with ease. No more struggling with a double blade paddle when you need precise movements in tight quarters or around docks.

Whether you need to gently nudge your way into a small cove or pivot your kayak in place, the Pelican T-handle grants you the finesse and accuracy required. The single blade design also eliminates the counterrotation that occurs with a double paddle, giving you better directional control. Just a slight rotate or push is all you need to orient your craft.

Maximize Your Fishing Capabilities

Avid kayak anglers will love the improved functionality the T-handle offers. When fishing in a pedal or motorized kayak, a single bladed oar is a must for quiet maneuvering and precision boat placement. The Pelican T-handle quickly converts your paddle into the perfect fishing oar, allowing you to stealthily reposition while casting or landing fish.

The ergonomic grip helps reduce arm fatigue as you use gentle oar strokes to remain stationary. When you hook a fish, you can easily maintain position with one hand while bringing in your catch with the other. The T-handle also enables you to steer clear of snags without spooking fish in shallow waters.

Simple, Secure Installation in Seconds

Installing the Pelican Ergo T-handle couldn’t be easier thanks to the secure push button release. It effortlessly retrofits onto most Pelican single and double blade kayak paddles, except kids, junior and SUP models. Just align the handle with the female receptor hole on your paddle shaft and press the release button to snap it firmly into place.

To remove, simply press the release again to detach the T-handle in seconds, allowing you to convert back to a double blade setup. No tools or adjustments needed. It provides a reliable, solid connection every time.

Lightweight and Durable Construction

Made from rugged ABS plastic, the Pelican T-handle is built to last through seasons of use. It weighs under a pound to minimize added weight on your paddle. The curved ergonomic grip feels comfortable in your hand and provides a slip-free surface, even when wet.

The materials also resist UV rays, heat, and cold temperatures. It’s durable enough to handle an accidental impact or drop. Plus the black colorway blends right into your paddle and gear.

Enhance Your Paddling Versatility on the Water

Upgrade your paddling possibilities with the Pelican Ergo T-handle. Its push button installation takes just seconds, while giving you an easy way to convert your kayak paddle between single and double blade configurations. Enjoy improved control and finesse when fishing or navigating tight waters. With versatile performance and durable construction, the T-handle is a must-have accessory for kayak anglers and paddling enthusiasts. Order the Pelican T-handle today to enhance your kayaking adventures!


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