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PETAC GEAR Tactical Belt Low Profile Molle Battle Cobra Belt Laser-Cut Tegris Rigid Shooting Gun Duty Belts for Law Enforcement, Military, Security Professionals




Designed for the serious tactical professional, the PETAC GEAR Tactical Belt provides a lightweight yet rigid and stable platform to securely attach holsters, magazine pouches, phone holders, and other mission critical gear. The belt features a laser-cut Tegris framework to create strength without excess weight, allowing you to carry your everyday carry essentials comfortably. Equipped with a quick release Cobra buckle rated to meet ANSI and CSA standards, this tactical gun belt allows swift donning and doffing.

Lightweight Tegris Framework Creates a Stable and Secure Platform

The PETAC GEAR Tactical Belt utilizes a Tegris framework laser cut to precision specifications to create a belt that is incredibly strong yet featherlight. Tegris is a woven thermo-polymer that possesses exceptional tensile strength while remaining flexible. The Tegris core of this tactical belt ensures your holster and other accessories remain firmly secured on a rigid base to prevent sagging, while the flexibility of the Tegris allows the belt to contour to your body for unmatched comfort. Weighing a mere 8.8oz, you’ll barely notice you’re wearing it.

Cobra Buckle for Swift Release and Security

The PETAC GEAR Tactical Belt is equipped with a Cobra quick release buckle to provide easy locking and unlocking of the belt with one hand. Simply press the release on the buckle to detach and pull the belt free instantly. The Cobra buckle exceeds testing certifications and features solid brass clips to withstand rugged use in any situation. You can trust this tactical gun belt to stay securely fastened until you need to remove it swiftly.

7000lb Tensile Strength 2-Ply Nylon Webbing

Beneath the Tegris exterior is a 2-ply inner nylon webbing core rated to an incredible 7000lb tensile strength. This exceptional inner webbing keeps the belt’s shape and prevents over-flexing to ensure the belt retains rigidity even when loaded down. The 7000lb webbing also enables safely carrying heavier gear without concern of the webbing tearing or the belt sagging.

PALS Webbing with Hook & Loop Closure

Covering the exterior of the belt is PALS webbing spaced 1.5″ apart, providing complete MOLLE compatibility. The hook backing ensures secure grip with loop-lined pouches and accessories to keep them from slipping. Simply weave your pouches and gear through the PALS webbing to configure your belt perfectly for your specific carry needs.

Fully Adjustable Double Belt Design

The PETAC GEAR Tactical Belt employs an adjustable 2-part belt system. The exterior belt features a hook lining and complete MOLLE PALS webbing coverage. This threads through the inner 1.5” belt, which is lined with loop material. The inner belt’s hook and loop closure enables precise tightening and infinite adjustability to achieve the perfect fit. The inner belt fits waist sizes 30” to 49”.

Comfortable and Light Enough for All Day Wear

The lightweight Tegris construction coupled with the inner belt’s adjustability result in exceptional comfort for extended wear. You’ll barely notice you have this tactical belt on, even when carrying heavier gear like a pistol, extra magazines, and other EDC gear. The rigidity of the belt also helps transfer weight to your hips for reduced fatigue.

Ideal for Law Enforcement, Military, Security Professionals

With its rugged Cobra buckle and 7000lb webbing, the PETAC GEAR Tactical Belt provides exceptional performance for police, military, security contractors, and other tactical professions. The modular PALS webbing allows configuring the belt to your specific requirements whether for duty carry or specialized operations. This belt also works exceptionally well for concealed carry as the inner belt adjustment helps avoid printing.

Customize Your Setup with Compatible Pouches and Accessories

The PETAC GEAR Tactical Belt is designed for complete MOLLE pouch and accessory compatibility. Outfit your belt with magazine holders, a holster, knife sheath, multi-tool pouch, flashlight holder, phone case, medical supplies, and any other mission essential gear you need close at hand. With this belt’s stability and PALS webbing, you can create the perfect setup for your purposes.

Available in Multiple Size Options

To ensure optimal fit, the PETAC GEAR Tactical Belt is available in 4 size options:

Small – Fits waist 30″ to 35″
Medium – Fits waist 34″ to 40″
Large – Fits waist 39″ to 44″
X-Large – Fits waist 43″ to 49″

Carefully measure your waistline and choose the size that matches your measurement. The inner belt is adjustable within those ranges to achieve your perfect fit.

Lightweight, rigid, comfortable, and modular, the PETAC GEAR Tactical Belt provides an exceptional base for your concealed carry setup. Pick one up today to get your ideal tactical belt!


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