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Power Pro Premium Bronze Deck Screws – Rust-Free Outdoor Wood Fasteners


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Take your outdoor woodworking projects to the next level with the Power Pro Premium Bronze Deck Screws. Engineered for superior performance in outdoor environments, these screws are specially designed for deck building and exterior woodworking.

Specialized for Outdoor Use

Ordinary wood screws quickly fail when exposed to the elements. They rust, strip, and snap – making your deck unsafe. Power Pro deck screws are made for the outdoors with maximum rust protection.

The proprietary bronze epoxy coating provides an impenetrable armor against moisture. Even after years of exposure to rain, snow, and humidity, these screws maintain structural integrity. No more ugly rust stains or premature rotting.

Starts Fast, Drives Smooth

A self-starting tip gives you that extra torque needed to drill into dense woods like cedar and redwood without pilot holes. The sharp point slices into the wood quickly without splitting.

Once engaged, Power Pro’s unique star drive provides a no-camout hold that prevents slipping. You’ll enjoy a smooth, consistent drive every time for efficient deck building. The T20 star bit grips tight for easy driving without damaging screw heads.

Superior Holding Power

Serrated threads under the head maximize your grip strength by increasing surface area. Combined with hardened steel construction, these screws have holding power comparable to nails without the splitting.

Even in pressure treated lumber, they sink flush and hold tight. No backing out, cracking, or popping – just robust fastening strength you can rely on.

Deck Building Made Easy

With a #8 diameter shank and 1 1/4″ length, these are the ideal all-purpose screws for most decking jobs. Use them to securely fasten deck boards, handrails, benches, planter boxes, and other fixtures.

The needle point makes starting screws a breeze while the bugle head provides maximum bearing surface underneath. You’ll achieve picture-perfect results in a fraction of the time.

Superior Value for Contractors

At approximately 6000 pieces per box, this bulk set provides enough screws to tackle even the biggest projects with screws left over. You’ll save money and precious time with fewer trips to the hardware store.

For pros on large jobs, the cost savings are invaluable. Never again waste money on flimsy generic screws – use reliable Power Pro screws for all your outdoor building needs.

Your Best Choice for Outdoor Woodworking

Protect your woodworking projects from the elements and avoid frustrating cracking, rotting, and rusting. With superior corrosion resistance and holding strength, Power Pro Premium Bronze Deck Screws are engineered to last.

Experience the Benefits of Power Pro Deck Screws:

  • Maximum rust prevention with bronze epoxy coating
  • Self-starting tip for quick engagement
  • Star drive provides camout-free installation
  • Hardened steel for superior strength
  • Ideal size for deck boards and railings
  • Bulk box value for big projects

Give your outdoor woodworking an upgrade with the premium quality of Power Pro screws. Order a box today!


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