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PUMEO Double Kayak Storage Strap System – Securely Store 2 Kayaks or Paddleboards


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Take your water sports storage to new heights with the PUMEO Double Kayak Storage Strap System. This innovative product allows you to securely hang up to 200 pounds of kayaks, paddleboards, surfboards, snowboards and more. With its adjustable length and included mounting hardware, you can customize your setup for convenient indoor or outdoor use.

Store and Organize Multiple Watercraft

The PUMEO strap system features extra-wide 1.5 inch webbing straps and heavy-duty stainless steel carabiners to hold up to two kayaks or paddleboards at one time. Each strap can independently hold 100 pounds for a total weight capacity of 200 pounds when using both straps.

No more haphazardly leaning boards and boats against the wall or cluttering up your garage floor. This dual-strap design gets your watercraft up and out of the way. It also protects your gear from damage while storing it off the ground.

Mount Securely with Included Hardware

This complete kit contains everything needed for a secure mount. It comes with:

  • Two 1.5 inch wide adjustable webbing straps with loop ends
  • Two stainless steel carabiners rated for 100 pounds each
  • Two metal eye hooks for mounting
  • Two neoprene paddle/oar holder loops

The adjustable strap design allows you to fine tune the length to fit your space and hang watercraft at your ideal height.

Use the included eye hooks to mount the straps to ceiling joists, rafters, or other solid mounting points. The dual strap system evenly distributes weight for a sturdy hanging storage solution.

Convenient Indoor/Outdoor Use

The versatility of the PUMEO strap system allows you to use it inside your home, garage, shed, or even outside on a patio or dock. Wherever you store and use your water sports gear, this system can adapt for handy overhead storage.

Hang kayaks, paddleboards, surfboards, and other items up to 79 inches long in your garage to free up floor space. Or stow paddles and oars out of the way by using the attached neoprene loops.

Outside, keep your boards and boats neatly hung on a covered patio or dock instead of cluttering up the ground or leaning precariously.

Customizable and Durable

The PUMEO Double Kayak Strap System is designed for longevity and usefulness. Key features include:

  • Adjustable strap length – Each strap extends from 36 to 79 inches long
  • 100 lb weight capacity per strap – Holds up to 200 lbs total
  • Wide 1.5 inch straps – Provides secure hold and even weight distribution
  • Heavy-duty construction – Made from durable polyester webbing and stainless steel
  • Paddle/oar loops – Keep paddles neatly stored and out of the way

You can customize the strap lengths and positioning as needed to accommodate the types of watercraft and available storage space you have.

The high quality materials and stitching deliver long lasting performance you can rely on season after season. This system will securely hold your expensive watersport gear for years of indoor or outdoor use.

Get Organized with Overhead Watercraft Storage

Free up valuable floor and ground space while keeping your kayaks, paddlebaords and other gear easily accessible and protected from damage. The PUMEO Double Kayak Storage Strap System offers a convenient and customizable solution for your active water sports lifestyle. Order today and simplify your storage!


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