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PVC Coated Boat Anchor Chain Set with Stainless Steel Shackles – Multiple Sizes and Colors


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Keep your boat securely in place with this heavy-duty PVC coated anchor chain set. The thick PVC coating provides protection for your boat while keeping it safely anchored. With multiple size and color options, you can find the perfect anchor chain for your vessel.

Durable PVC Coating

This boat anchor chain features a specially formulated PVC coating designed to be long-lasting yet flexible. The thick coating acts as a protective barrier between the hard metal chain links and your boat’s delicate hull and deck. The smooth PVC finish prevents scratching and incidental damage that can occur when the chain rubs against the boat.

The flexible PVC also allows the chain links to articulate smoothly while remaining quiet. You won’t have to deal with annoying clanging sounds from an uncoated metal chain hitting your boat. The PVC coating significantly dampens vibrations for a peaceful anchoring experience.

Available in Multiple Lengths

Choose from 4 foot, 5 foot, and 6 foot anchor chain lengths. Having the right amount of chain lets you securely anchor in various water depths. For example:

– 4 foot chain is ideal for anchoring in shallow waters up to 8 feet deep
– 5 foot chain allows anchoring up to 10 feet depths
– 6 foot chain enables anchoring in waters up to 12 feet deep

With multiple sizes, you can purchase an anchor chain set specifically suited for your boat and the waters you frequent.

Stainless Steel Shackles Included

Every anchor chain set comes complete with two stainless steel shackles. The shackles allow you to easily connect the chain to your boat’s anchor line at one end, and your anchor at the other.

Marine grade 316 stainless steel provides excellent corrosion resistance in saltwater environments. The included shackles feature a rolled pin design that is easy to install yet won’t pull out accidentally.

Choose Black or White PVC Color

The PVC coating on the chains comes in your choice of black or white.

The black PVC blends in seamlessly on boats with darker colored hulls and decks. It provides an understated, classic look.

Alternatively, the bright white PVC pops against darker boat colors while matching boats with white decking.

Pick the PVC color that complements your boat’s aesthetics. The coating protects your boat either way.

Heavy-duty and Built to Last

At the core, these anchor chains feature thick, durable galvanized steel chain links. The heavy-duty steel construction provides strength and security you can rely on to keep your anchored boat in place, even in rough waters.

The galvanized steel also delivers excellent corrosion resistance, ensuring the chains don’t rust and degrade over time. You can expect years of reliable use from these high-quality anchor chain sets.

Technical Specifications:

– Chain link diameter: 5/16 inches
– Chain link construction: Galvanized steel
– PVC coating thickness: 1/8 inches
– Stainless steel shackle size: 5/8 inches
– Color options: Black or white

Secure Your Boat Quickly and Easily

Don’t waste time fumbling with subpar anchor chains. Invest in a durable PVC coated chain set to keep your boat safe and secure in its anchorage. With a smooth protective coating, included stainless steel shackles, and available multiple sizes and colors – you can conveniently customize your purchase. Click Add to Cart now to pick up the perfect anchor chain set for your boat today!


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