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RAILBLAZA Kayak Fishing Rod Holder – Versatile Rod Mounting System for Kayaks, Canoes, Paddleboards


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The RAILBLAZA Rod Holder R Kit is the ultimate kayak fishing accessory, allowing anglers to safely and securely mount fishing rods on their kayak, canoe, paddleboard, or boat. This innovative rod holder system features a sleek, low-profile design and versatile mounting options to accommodate almost any setup.

Dynamic Rod Positioning for Spinning, Baitcasting, and Fly Reels

The Rod Holder R can hold spinning, baitcasting, and fly fishing rods securely in place on your watercraft. The holder adjusts to situate the rod at various angles – from nearly vertical for easy access to rod guides and reels, to almost horizontal so you can troll multiple lines over a wide area.

Adjusting the rod angle is quick and simple. Just rotate the gimbal to find the optimal position for your fishing style and conditions. The rugged fiberglass reinforced holder keeps your rod safe and lets you focus on landing the catch instead of your gear.

Interchangeable Accessories for Unlimited Mounting Options

The included Starport HD mount gives you endless possibilities to position the Rod Holder R. It utilizes RAILBLAZA’s brilliant Starport system to securely connect other accessories like rod holders, tackle boxes, and electronics mounts.

For kayak setups, add the RAILBLAZA track adapter kit (sold separately) to attach the Starport mount to your kayak’s rails or gunwales. You can also use the included stainless steel hardware to permanently screw the mount in place on boats, docks, piers, or other surfaces.

With the Starport system, just slide, lock, and load your accessories onto the mount in seconds without tools. Mix and match multiple accessories to build a customized fishing station tailored to your needs.

Rugged Marine Grade Construction Built to Last

The Rod Holder R is constructed from fiberglass reinforced nylon for strength, durability, and reliability out on the water. This marine grade plastic can withstand years of exposure to sun, saltwater, and weather without cracking or degrading.

The sleek black holder blends into your kayak rig for a streamlined look. It’s also lightweight so you can easily move it between mounts or take it off your watercraft to safely store rods and reels.

Stainless steel hardware and an anodized aluminum Starport mount resist corrosion from saltwater. You’ll enjoy flawless performance trip after trip with minimal maintenance required.

Designed for Versatile Kayak Fishing Setups

The Rod Holder R Kit gives kayak anglers limitless options to build a custom rod mounting solution. Here are some popular kayak fishing setups made possible with this holder:

Trolling rods – Mount 1 or 2 holders horizontally to troll diving plugs, spoons, or bait behind your kayak. The ability to fine tune the rod angle helps eliminate line fouling.

Casting rods – Keep casting rods secure but accessible vertical holders when paddling to your fishing spot or sight casting.

Fly rods – Free your hands by safely stowing fly rods pointing up or out. The rotating gimbal prevents tangled fly line.

Accessory mounts – Use the Starport mount to add RAM mounts for fish finders, GoPro cameras, rod holders, tackle boxes, and much more.

Rail mounts – Attach to standard rails on sit-in or sit-on-top kayaks with the track adapter kit. Can also mount to paddleboards with a rail kit.

Transducer mounts – Angle transducer arms to aim sonar beams properly using the adjustable gimbal.

Run & gun – Quickly move the holder between front and rear flush mount rod holders to position rods based on conditions.

Big game rods – Handle large surf casting rods for inshore saltwater fishing with the Rod Holder R’s ample grip clearance.

Designed for Strength, Adjustability & Reliability

The Rod Holder R brings innovation and versatility to kayak fishing. Key features include:

  • Rotating gimbal provides 40 degrees of tilt adjustment
  • Sliding collar locks in place with a simple twist
  • Accommodates rods up to 1.75” (4.5cm) diameter
  • Made of fiberglass reinforced nylon – extremely durable
  • Lightweight but able to hold heavy rods securely
  • Low-profile aesthetic blends into any kayak rig
  • Starport HD mount includes RAILBLAZA locking slide
  • Mounts to rails, RAM bases, screws, and more
  • Interchange Starport accessories in seconds without tools
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty

For kayak anglers looking to build a versatile fishing system, the RAILBLAZA Rod Holder R Kit offers premium performance at a reasonable price. This rugged holder lets you safely carry rods of all types, while the ingenious Starport mount allows endless accessory options for a custom setup.

With rod security you can trust andeasy adjustability, the Rod Holder R provides top-notch functionality trip after trip. Whether bass fishing on a river, chasing salmon in the ocean, or fly casting on a lake this summer, enjoy hassle-free handling of your fishing rods.

Order the RAILBLAZA Rod Holder R today to upgrade your kayak fishing adventures! Add the track adapter kit for easy kayak mounting right out of the box.


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