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RecPro 18″ Ice Fishing Hole Sleeve – 10.5″ Diameter Ice Hole Ring Insulator for Warmth & Visibility – Portable Ice Fishing Gear for Shelter Comfort




Fight the cold and see the fish clearly with the RecPro Ice Fishing Hole Sleeve, the insulated essential that takes the chill out of your ice shelter. This 18” depth sleeve fits snugly inside your ice hole to prevent frigid drafts from below, helping maintain a warmer environment in your portable shelter.

The 10.5” inner diameter is engineered to work with most ice hole rings, including Eskimo, Shappell, Frabill, and CLAM brands. The sleeve extends 18” below the ice, trapping rising air and providing an insulating barrier between you and the freezing water. This allows you to stay comfortable and focus on fishing longer without shivering.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or are just getting into ice fishing, a high quality sleeve is a must-have item. Cold drafts drastically lower air temperature in your shelter, forcing you to take frequent breaks inside your vehicle. This ruins momentum when fish are biting and reduces overall catch. By installing the RecPro sleeve, you can block icy blasts and extend your time catching fish.

This sleeve comes in two color options: black or white. The black sleeve allows you to see through the water more clearly to observe fish movement and your lures underwater. The non-reflective interior improves visibility. The white sleeve option allows more natural light into the shelter, creating a brighter environment during daylight hours.

With rugged 150D polyester construction, this sleeve withstands getting stomped on and dragged across frozen lakes all season long. It sets up in seconds, providing instant warmth the moment you need it. When not in use, the sleeve collapses down for easy storage inside your portable shelter bag or gear bag. Weighing just 0.65 lbs, it’s easy to transport and has a toggle and loop closure for quick deployment.

Stay warmer and catch more fish this ice fishing season with the RecPro 18” Hole Sleeve:

Product Highlights:

– Insulating 18” sleeve blocks icy drafts from below
– Fits 10.5” diameter ice hole rings
– Prevents frigid air from entering your shelter
– Allows you to ice fish longer without freezing
– Compatible with Eskimo, Shappell, Frabill & CLAM
– Available in black for visibility or white for brightness
– Rugged 150D polyester construction
– Weighs just 0.65 lbs for easy transport
– Collapses down for compact storage
– Quick setup with toggle/loop closure
– Essential for every ice angler’s gear bag

Stop wasting half your ice fishing day huddled in the warmth of your vehicle. End disruptive breaks that cause you to miss out when fish are biting. Invest in the portable insulation of the RecPro 18” Hole Sleeve and take back control over your environment.

This lightweight yet rugged sleeve blocks icy winds from swirling up through your hole, maintaining a warmer shelter so you can fish in comfort. No more frigid blasts chilling you to the bone and forcing you off the ice early. Install this sleeve and minimize freezing air currents that steal warmth.

Engage fish on your terms all day long with the RecPro sleeve trapping warmth inside your shelter.

The 10.5” diameter is engineered to work seamlessly with most ice fishing hole rings on the market in sizes up to 12 inches. Brands such as Eskimo, Frabill, Shappell, and CLAM ice fishing gear are compatible.

This sleeve extends 18 inches below the ice, creating an effective barrier against cold convection currents. The durable 150D polyester construction prevents ripping or tearing when installed in your hole. It also withstands being walked on and dragged across rough frozen surfaces all winter long.

When warmth is not needed, the RecPro sleeve packs down for compact storage inside your portable shelter bag or gear bag. It weighs just 0.65 lbs so you’ll barely notice it inside your equipment. A simple toggle and loop closure allows fast deployment the moment you need insulation.

Choose the black sleeve for superior visibility observing fish and lure movement underwater. The non-reflective interior improves your view below. For brighter interior light, go with the white sleeve option.

Invest in the RecPro 18” Hole Sleeve for waterproof, insulated protection from the cold. Stay warmer and fish more comfortably with this rugged, portable sleeve designed to trap warmth inside your shelter.


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