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Rhode Island Novelty IR Microwave Hand Warmer Kayak Pogies – Keep Hands Toasty on Cold Water Paddles




Kayaking is an exhilarating way to explore rivers, lakes, and oceans. But frigid water temperatures can quickly sap body heat from exposed hands, making your paddling miserable. Slip on a pair of Rhode Island Novelty IR Microwave Hand Warmer Kayak Pogies and keep hands snug and warm for comfortable cold water paddling.

These multi-purpose neoprene pogies are specially designed for kayakers who paddle in cool conditions. Just pop them in the microwave to heat up the interior lining before launching your kayak. The IR technology retains warmth and transfers soothing heat to your frozen fingers while you paddle.

Toasty Warmth for Cold Hands

Nothing ruins a paddling trip faster than painfully numb, icy hands. The insulated neoprene construction traps your body’s natural warmth inside the pogies while blocking cold air and spray.

The interior is infused with IR heat reflecting technology that absorbs and retains heat when microwaved. Slip on the heated pogies and the warmth radiates into your hands, restoring feeling to frigid fingers.

Paddle after paddle, the thick neoprene continues reflecting heat back to your hands. The plush interior lining feels soft and comfortable against bare skin while providing insulation from the cold exterior.

Hands-On Paddling Precision

Unlike mitt style paddling gloves that reduce dexterity, these open-ended pogies allow direct hand contact with your paddle shaft for precise control. The abrasion-resistant neoprene protects skin from blisters when gripping the paddle.

With excellent grip, you can execute paddling strokes like the J-stroke with accuracy and maintain proper paddle angle into the wind. No need to sacrifice performance just because of cold temperatures.

Snug Fit Protects Against Splash and Spray

The durable neoprene construction forms a protective barrier between hands and cold water. The tight stretch fit hugs hands to seal out icy splash and spray.

Dual drain holes at the bottom allow any collected water to quickly drain out. A hook and loop wrist closure secures the pogies in place and prevents water from seeping inside.

Punch-through baffles on the palms let you push hands through the material for better paddle shaft contact. Then the baffles seal around your wrists for unimpeded paddling motion without compromising warmth.

Microwavable Warmth On Demand

Cold hands are only moments away from getting relief. Just microwave the pogies for 30-60 seconds right before launching your kayak. The IR technology instantly gets to work reflecting heat back to your hands.

Stash the pogies in your lifejacket pocket until you need them. Reheat throughout your paddling trip whenever hands get cold again. Enjoy hours of continuous warmth without the need for chemical warmers or disposable heat packs.

The pogies roll up small to tuck away when not in use. Take them kayak touring, fishing, racing or for a relaxing paddle on a cool weather day.

Paddle Comfortably in Cold Weather

Don’t let water temperature keep you off the water. With Rhode Island Novelty IR Microwave Pogies, you can paddle comfortably when the mercury drops:

  • Early spring kayaking before the water warms up
  • Alaskan kayak touring in glacial runoff
  • Cold ocean swells along the California coastline
  • Crisp autumn paddling amidst fall foliage
  • Bitter winter paddling on frozen lakes and rivers

Just heat up the pogies and get ready for warm, dry hands no matter the weather.

Designed for Kayaking Comfort and Performance

  • Neoprene construction keeps hands warm in cold conditions
  • IR heat reflecting interior retains warmth when microwaved
  • Snug stretch fit seals out icy water from splashing inside
  • Drain holes expel collected water quickly
  • Wrist closure keeps pogies secure while paddling
  • Abrasion-resistant neoprene protects hands from blisters
  • Punch-through baffles allow direct paddle shaft contact
  • Compact size easily fits into a PFD pocket

Paddling sweaty mitts and gloves is a thing of the past. Keep hands warm AND comfortable on your next cold water kayaking adventure with the Rhode Island Novelty Microwave Kayak Pogies.

Order your pair today and be ready for winter paddling!


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