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RoundFunny 2 Pcs 30″x 60″ Shooting Pad for Puck Rebounder – The Ultimate Ice Hockey Training Mat for Developing Skills Anywhere


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Take your hockey skills to the next level with the RoundFunny 2 Piece 30″x 60″ Shooting Pad. With two large-sized pads, this superior training system provides the perfect surface for practicing and improving your shooting, stick handling, passing, and more – anytime, anywhere.

Practice Like the Pros, Improve Faster Than Ever

Just like the pros, serious hockey players know that quality off-ice practice is essential for developing and maintaining your skills. With the RoundFunny shooting pad, you can recreate the slick conditions of the rink in your own driveway, basement, or garage.

The ultra-smooth polyethylene surface closely simulates the feel of real ice. The thick, durable pads stand up to repeated slap shots, dekes, and more without showing wear. Take shot after shot, drill passing plays, and stick handle to your heart’s content.

With the ability to practice on this surface anytime, you can ingrain muscle memory and dramatically improve your performance. Develop quick hands, accuracy, and power. Work on dekes, toe drags, and other advanced moves. Dial in your snapshot, wrister, or slapper. Run drills to improve speed and reaction time.

Thanks to the lightweight, portable pads, you can set up practice stations anywhere – schoolyards, driveways, stadiums, and more. Two generous 30″ x 60″ pads provide ample room for drills and training games. The built-in handles make the pads easy to transport and position.

Designed for All Levels – Ideal for Serious Players

The RoundFunny shooting pads are ideal for recreational and serious hockey players of all ages. Whether you play forward, defense, or goalie, these pads will help elevate every aspect of your game.

Youth players can develop skills faster than ever with more practice opportunities. Established players can maintain their edge with consistent, high-quality training. Pros use shooting pads to stay sharp – now you can practice like the elite talents.

Shooting, stick handling, passing, positioning, footwork and more – master it all with these pads. Transform open spaces into your own personal hockey development area.

High-Quality Materials Built to Last

Constructed from durable polyethylene, these pads provide a smooth, slick surface that mimics ice. The 1/2 inch thick material stands up to heavy use from pucks, sticks, and skate blades. The long-lasting, wear-resistant pads will provide years of consistent performance.

The polyethylene surface gives just the right amount of glide and grip – pucks glide smoothly across the pad while providing enough friction for stick handling, dekes, and passing practice. Say goodbye to ripped tarps, damaged wood, and makeshift practice surfaces.

The lightweight pads weigh just 4.5 pounds each. Built-in handles make them easy to carry and position anywhere you want to practice. Leave them outside and the weather-resistant construction stands up to the elements.

Transform Any Open Space into a Practice Area

With the RoundFunny shooting pads, you can turn any flat surface into a hockey practice area within minutes. Use them in:

– Driveways
– Garages
– Basements
– Backyards
– Schoolyards
– Parking lots
– And more!

The 30 x 60 inch size gives you ample room to stickhandle, deke, pass, and shoot. Position the pads together or apart – the options are endless. Add a net or backstop and you have an instant hockey training area at home.

Take your pads to an open basketball court, tennis court, or dead end street and transform it into a practice space. Set up passing, shooting, and stick handling drills to elevate your skills.

Why the RoundFunny Shooting Pads Are a Must-Have:

  • 2 large 30″ x 60″ pads provide abundant space for practice
  • Durable polyethylene surface closely simulates slick ice
  • Withstands repeated slap shots without damage
  • Lightweight, portable pads are easy to position anywhere
  • Built-in handles make the pads easy to carry
  • Weather resistant for indoor/outdoor use
  • Develop hands, shooting, stick work, passing, footwork, and more
  • Take your skills to the next level with off-ice practice

Elevate your game to the next level with the RoundFunny 2 Piece Shooting Pad Set. Order today and see improved skills, accuracy, and performance!


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