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Saris Bike Porter Trunk Mount Bike Rack – Carry 3 Bikes Securely on Your Vehicle


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The Saris Bike Porter is a sturdy, easy to install trunk bike rack that lets you take up to 3 bikes on the road. Its padded, adjustable frame fits most sedan-style vehicles and hatchbacks, while the durable steel construction keeps your bikes safe and secure.

This bike rack comes backed by Saris’ limited lifetime warranty and is made in Madison, Wisconsin. With thick cushioning and smart design features like anti-sway cradles, this rack protects your bike’s finish during transport.

Holds Up to 3 Bikes Weighing 35 lbs Each

The main bar of the Saris bike rack can hold up to 3 bikes weighing up to 35 pounds each. This lets you take the whole family’s bikes on a weekend getaway or cycling trip. The rack is easiest to load when you start with the outer bike positions first.

Each bike cradle is grooved to separate brake cables from the bike frame. This helps prevent cable damage during transport. The cradles also have extra spacing between bikes to prevent handlebar entanglement.

Padded EasyAttach System Fits Most Vehicles

Installing this Saris bike rack takes just minutes thanks to the user-friendly EasyAttach system. Just set the padded feet against your vehicle, adjust the width, and tighten down the straps for a custom fit.

The frame’s padding helps prevent vehicle scratches or damage. The EasyAttach system is designed to work on most sedan-style cars, hatchbacks, and small SUVs. It fits trunks up to 4 inches high.

Ratcheting Arms Keep Bikes Steady

Each bike cradle features a ratcheting arm that closes down snugly over the top bar of your bike’s frame. This creates a tight, wobble-free hold that keeps bikes upright and stable during transport. No more bouncing or swaying bikes!

The ratcheting arms have a wide, adjustable range to accommodate different bike frame sizes and styles. Foam cushioning helps prevent frame scratches. When not in use, the arms fold down and out of the way.

Durable Steel Frame Built to Last

Built from heavy duty steel, the main rack frame resists rust and stands up to years of use. The powdercoated finish helps prevent scratches on your vehicle.

Smaller parts like the bike cradles, fastening hooks, and adjustable arms are also made from robust steel. While lightweight, the rack remains sturdy even when loaded with bikes.

Cradle Design Protects Bike Finish

The bike cradles have grooves and foam pads to protect your bike’s finish from damage during transport. Separate grooves on the inside of each cradle keep brake cables from rubbing against the bike frame.

Thick foam cushioning lines the entire cradle surface. This prevents scratches and rubbing from bike-to-bike contact. Your bikes’ paint jobs will look like new after each trip.

Assembles in Minutes – No Tools Needed

The Saris Bike Porter trunk rack ships pre-assembled. All you need to do is unfold it, adjust the width and straps, and clamp it onto your vehicle. No tools are required for assembly, installation, or adjustments.

Detaching the rack is also quick – just loosen the straps and lift it off. The arms fold down when not in use for compact storage. It’s easy to swap between vehicles or remove when not needed.

Made in the USA

Saris has been designing and manufacturing bike racks and accessories in Madison, Wisconsin since 1972. The Bike Porter is proudly made in the USA using domestic and imported components. Materials like the steel frame and bike cradles are sourced from U.S. suppliers.


– Holds up to 3 bikes
– Each bike capacity: 35 lbs
– Durable steel frame
– Padded, adjustable EasyAttach system
– Fits most sedans & hatchbacks
– Trunk clearance: 3-4 inches
– Ratcheting, anti-sway arms
– Foam-lined bike cradles
– Rear reflector for visibility
– Foldable arms for storage
– Easy tool-free assembly
– Made in Madison, Wisconsin

Frequently Asked Questions:

What types of vehicles is this bike rack compatible with?

This trunk mount rack is designed to work on most sedan-style cars, hatchbacks, station wagons, and small SUVs. The EasyAttach system fits vehicles with trunks up to 4 inches high. It may not work on vehicles with spoilers.

How is the bike rack attached to the car?

This Saris rack uses heavy-duty padded straps that wrap underneath the trunk for security. Adjust the straps until the rack fits snugly against the vehicle. Ratcheting hooks keep the straps tight.

How do I know if it fits my bike’s frame?

The ratcheting arms adjust to hold most standard bike frames from 20-80mm in diameter. Bikes with children’s frames or unusually shaped frames may not be compatible.

Can I use this rack on longer road trips?

Yes, this sturdy steel rack is built for highway driving. Ensure bikes are loaded properly onto the cradles and straps are pulled tight for optimal security at highway speeds.

What are the dimensions when folded for storage?

When the arms are folded down, the rack measures approximately 30 inches long x 14 inches tall x 5 inches wide. Stands up vertically for easy garage or closet storage.

Don’t risk your bike’s finish with flimsy, loose bike racks. The Saris Bike Porter secures up to 3 bikes on the rear of your vehicle safely using anti-sway cradles and ratchet arms. Order today and take your bikes on the road!


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