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Seaguar Red Label Fluorocarbon Fishing Line 20lb 1000yd


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Get ready to reel in the big one with the Seaguar Red Label Fluorocarbon Fishing Line. This high-quality fluorocarbon line is specifically designed for saltwater fishing and provides excellent strength, sensitivity, and abrasion resistance to handle hard fighting fish. The 20 pound test weight and 0.016 inch diameter make it ideal for targeting medium to large inshore and offshore species.

Fluorocarbon lines like the Seaguar Red Label are renowned for their near invisibility underwater. The refractive index of fluorocarbon closely matches that of water, making it almost completely invisible below the surface. This allows you to keep the element of surprise when targeting highly pressured or easily spooked fish.

In addition to superior stealth and manageability, fluorocarbon materials are extremely dense and sink faster than traditional monofilament. This allows your bait to get down deepquickly. The lack of stretch and sensitivity of the Seaguar Red Label give you an enhanced feel for light bites and improved hookset power.

The 20 pound test rating and 1000 yard spool make this an extremely versatile line. It has the strength needed for 10-30 pound tuna or cobia, while also handleing inshore species like snook, redfish, and striker. The abrasion resistant coating ensures it will hold up when fishing around structure. From the flats to the canyons, this line has you covered.

Seaguar relies on a proprietary manufacturing process to create their fluorocarbon lines. It starts with 100% pure fluorocarbon resin, which provides unmatched strength and sensitivity. Their complex process imbues the line with impact, knot, and abrasion resistance while maintaining softness and manageability.

Some key features and benefits of the Seaguar Red Label 20lb 1000 yard fluorocarbon line include:

  • 100% pure fluorocarbon provides sensitivity, impact resistance, and abrasion resistance
  • Near invisibility under water for a stealthy approach on fish
  • High density allows baits to get down deep quickly
  • 20lb test rating for medium to large saltwater species from inshore to offshore
  • Soft, supple feel and easy casting
  • Minimal stretch for solid hooksets
  • 1000 yard spool provides plenty of line for multiple saltwater trips
  • Made in Japan from highest quality materials

For high performance and reliability from a premium Japanese fluorocarbon, look no further than the Seaguar Red Label. The 20lb test weight couples the strength needed for big fish with the subtle presentation required for finicky biters. It’s an excellent all around saltwater line. Pick up a spool and see why seasoned anglers swear by it!


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