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SITKA Gear Men’s Core Lightweight Hunting Hoody – Breathable and Versatile Camo Layer for Active Hunts


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Hit your hunting grounds in comfort and concealment with the SITKA Gear Men’s Core Lightweight Hunting Hoody. This versatile top combines quick-drying performance fabrics with functional features to keep you cool, concealed, and ready for action on the move.

Keep Cool & Dry Through Changing Conditions

The Core Hoody’s lightweight knit fabric actively wicks moisture away from your skin to keep you cool and comfortable. Even during intense physical activity or shifting weather, this breathable material transports sweat through the hoody’s exterior surface where it can evaporate rapidly. The polygiene technology helps neutralize odor-causing bacteria in sweat so you stay fresh.

Stretch side panels provide enhanced mobility so you can draw back your bow or climb a tree stand without restriction. Thumb loops integrate smoothly with the sleeves to keep them from riding up. The hoody’s athletic fit conforms to your body without impeding movement.

Built-In Face Mask for Versatile Concealment

Hunting requires stealth, so the hoody includes an ultra-breathable mesh face mask. When you need to stay hidden, simply pull up the mask for immediate camouflage. The mesh material is specially designed to optimize airflow and breathability. When not in use, the mask folds down neatly and serves as a functional gaiter.

This integrated mask helps block the sun’s glare and provides protection from mosquitoes. You can also cinch the low-profile hood for additional coverage when the weather gets rough. The mask and hood work together to keep you concealed without overheating.

Functional Design Enhances Hunting Performance

The Core Hoody’s drop-tail hem provides extra coverage for your backside when bending and crouching. This extended length and the stretch thumb loops work together to prevent the hoody from riding up. An offset half-front zipper lies smoothly against your torso without rubbing or chafing even with a backpack.

A zippered chest pocket safely secures small essentials like a compass or extra ammo within easy reach. It’s positioned high enough to allow unrestricted access to a waist pack or harness. The hoody layers cleanly under outer shells and vests thanks to its athletic fit. For more customizable coverage, cinch up the adjustable hem and hood.

Core Lightweight Hoody: Key Features

– Lightweight knit fabric with quick-drying performance and moisture wicking

– Polygiene technology neutralizes odor-causing bacteria

– Breathable mesh face mask provides versatile concealment

– Low-profile hood and mask protect from sun, glare, and bugs

– Thumb loops keep sleeves secure without restricting movement

– Drop-tail hem and athletic fit optimize coverage and mobility

– Half-front zipper lies flat against your torso

– Zippered chest pocket keeps essentials safe and accessible

Technical Hunting Camo for Active Pursuit

The SITKA Gear Men’s Core Lightweight Hunting Hoody combines camouflage, breathability, and functionality for active big game hunts. The versatile fabric adapts to changing weather while innovative features like the face mask and thumb loops optimize concealment.

SITKA’s terrain-shielding SCIENCE High Elevation Camo proves this hoody is much more than an ordinary long sleeve tee. The technical patterning conceals your outline as terrain changes, helping you stalk, spot, and take aim undetected. Layer this hoody under a jacket or wear it alone for lightweight protection.

Gear Up for High-Impact Hunting

The SITKA Gear Men’s Core Lightweight Hunting Hoody keeps you cool, concealed, and moving in comfort from start to finish on the hunt. Grab this versatile camo hoody and complete your hunting apparel system today.


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