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South Chatham Tackle Super Spooler – The Easiest Way to Re-Spool Your Fishing Reels


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Tired of the frustrating hassle of re-spooling your fishing reels? Struggling with uneven line tension or tangled messes of line? The South Chatham Tackle Super Spooler is the solution you’ve been searching for. This innovative fishing line holder makes re-spooling reels easier than ever before.

The Super Spooler securely holds bulk spools of monofilament or braided fishing line up to 8″ x 8″ in size. Its sturdy yet lightweight frame keeps your line spool steady and centered. Four rubber feet prevent sliding and slipping during the spooling process.

But what really sets the Super Spooler apart is its line tension tool. This allows you to apply 1-2 lbs of tension as you re-spool, ensuring smooth, even line lay with no loops or overruns. The tension tool eliminates guesswork and frustration, giving you professional, balanced spools every time.

Re-spooling your reels just got quicker and easier too. The Super Spooler is perfectly balanced to rotate freely as line is stripped onto your reel. Simply mount your reel, attach it to the spool, and start cranking – it’s that easy. No more manually holding the spool and trying to control spinning and looping.

For added convenience, optional accessories like a crank handle and reel seat are also available for the Super Spooler. These accessories make spooling spinning reels a breeze. Just secure your reel in the reel seat, use the crank handle to control the Super Spooler, and spool directly onto the reel. It takes all the difficulty out of putting new line on spinning reels.

Every Super Spooler also includes the handy “Super Stripper” tool. This simple but effective tool lets you quickly remove old line from your reel’s spool or strip line off the Super Spooler when needed. No more picking at line with your fingers or using pliers to unwind it. Just hook the Super Stripper into the line, release the tension knob, and strip it off in seconds.

With its smart design and ease of use, the Super Spooler takes all frustration and hassle out of re-spooling. You’ll save time, effort, and have consistently smooth, professionally-spooled reels every time. No more uneven line, looping, or spool overruns due to poor tension control.

The Super Spooler is proudly made in the USA to South Chatham Tackle’s strict standards of quality. Its durable materials and construction will give you years of flawless performance. Easy to operate and maintain, the Super Spooler will be your go-to tool for all re-spooling jobs.

Benefits of the South Chatham Tackle Super Spooler:

  • Holds bulk line spools securely up to 8″ x 8″
  • Line tension tool applies 1-2 lbs of tension for smooth, even winding
  • Perfectly balanced for controlled, hassle-free spooling
  • Optional accessories available for easier spooling of spinning reels
  • Includes Super Stripper tool for quickly removing old line
  • Saves significant time compared to manual spooling methods
  • Prevents looped, uneven, and overrun line problems
  • High-quality, durable construction for years of use
  • Made in the USA

Take the frustration out of re-spooling and maintain your fishing gear like a pro with the South Chatham Tackle Super Spooler. It’s the fastest, easiest way to spool new line onto your reels and remove old line when changing line types or replacing worn line.

Stop fighting with uncooperative fishing line and get professional, consistent results every time. The Super Spooler handles all the hassle so you can spend more time fishing and less time preparing. Get yours today and make re-spooling as smooth and effortless as possible.


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