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Spartan Gocam Verizon 4G LTE Trail Camera


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Capture Stunning HD Photos and Videos from Anywhere with the Spartan Gocam 4G LTE Trail Camera. With remote access, flexible data plans, and complete control at your fingertips, you’ll never miss a moment of the action!

With crystal clear 12MP photos and 1080p full HD video, the Spartan Gocam delivers excellent image quality directly to the Spartan app and web portal. No more blurry or pixelated pictures – these photos are the real deal, not artificially resized or enhanced. Capture wildlife or trespassers in crisp, vivid color day or night with the built-in blackout flash.

Thanks to the Verizon 4G LTE cellular connection, you can instantly view and share photos and videos from anywhere you have cell service or WiFi, without ever having to return to the camera. Easily check your cameras no matter where you are and see what game might be passing through your land.

The Spartan app gives you complete remote control to configure and update your camera settings right from your smartphone or computer. Change modes, settings, and more to capture exactly what you want. Give access to friends and family so you can all monitor the cameras and coordinate for your next hunt. No extra fees – remote access is included standard.

With multiple affordable data plan options, you aren’t limited in what you can capture. Plans range from basic to unlimited so you can choose the right amount of data for your needs across all your cameras. Add lines to your plan for just $5 more per month per additional camera. Data rolls over so you never lose what you pay for.

All photos and videos are stored securely in Spartan’s US-based cloud servers, utilizing Amazon Web Services technology. You can rest assured your data is safe and private. Local storage on the 32GB SD card provides backup so you’ll never lose a great shot.

The camo exterior helps the Spartan Gocam blend seamlessly into the surroundings. The weatherproof, rugged construction stands up to the elements in rain, snow, heat and cold so you can deploy it virtually anywhere. Long battery life lasts up to 6 months per set of batteries with typical usage.

Spartan provides a 2-year warranty and US-based customer support should you ever need assistance. Just register your camera after purchase and receive the full manufacturers coverage. Their in-house tech support team is ready to help with any questions or issues to ensure you get the most out of your new trail camera.

With all these great features, the Spartan Gocam is an excellent value trail camera that makes accessing and sharing your photos and videos easier than ever. The convenient cellular connectivity and remote access open up new possibilities for scouting, security, and surveillance.

Key Features

– Crystal clear 12MP photos and 1080p HD video day and night
– 4G LTE cellular trail camera sends media right to your devices
– Remotely control and update camera settings from Spartan app
– Flexible data plans with unlimited data options, no hidden fees
– Local 32GB SD card storage provides backup so you never lose photos
– Rugged weatherproof camo exterior for discreet outdoor placement
– Long lasting battery life up to 6 months per set of batteries
– Secure US-based cloud storage and backup of all your media
– 2 year warranty and US-based customer support

Capture Amazing Photos and Videos from Anywhere

The Spartan Gocam truly unleashes the potential of trail cameras. With remote access via the cellular connection, you aren’t limited to checking the camera in person. Now you can monitor your cameras from anywhere you get cell service or have internet access.

View crystal clear 12MP images and 1080p HD video on your smartphone, tablet, or computer thanks to the fast 4G LTE connectivity. Check the live camera view to see what’s passing through your land in real time. Easily share media via text, email or social media straight from the Spartan app.

You’ll never miss another great shot while you’re away. The flexibility makes the Spartan Gocam perfect for remote property, vacation homes, or temporary setups.

Remote Control and Flexible Data

The Spartan Gocam gives you unmatched control and flexibility. The easy-to-use Spartan app lets you remotely change any setting on your camera from your phone or computer. Switch to video mode to capture action footage. Update to a faster trigger speed to catch birds at your feeder. Enable time-lapse mode to document an entire season. You have complete access to tailor the camera to your needs.

With multiple data plan options, you can choose the amount of 4G LTE data that fits your usage and budget. Plans range from basic to unlimited so you don’t have to limit what you capture. Add additional cameras to your plan for just $5 more per line. Unused data rolls over so you never lose what you pay for. It’s cellular trail camera data done right.

Rugged and Discreet Trail Camera

The rugged Spartan Gocam withstands tough outdoor environments so you can deploy it virtually anywhere. The weatherproof housing protects the camera from the elements including rain, snow, heat, and cold. Use it year round in any climate.

The camo exterior helps the camera discreetly blend into wooded and natural surroundings. Game and trespassers will never notice the Spartan Gocam as it quietly captures photos and video.

Long battery life provides reliable operation for up to 6 months per set of batteries (8AA) for typical usage. The 32GB SD card stores plenty of backups of your photos and videos as well.

Safety and Security from Anywhere

In addition to hunting and wildlife, the Spartan Gocam is perfect for remote security and surveillance. Monitor your property and receive instant alerts with photos if trespassers or unwanted visitors are detected.

Use multiple Spartan Gocams to effectively monitor large areas such as the perimeter of your land or outbuildings. Get notifications and check cameras from your phone no matter where you are. Share access with family and neighbors to coordinate community security.

Rest assured your data is safe and secure. Photos and videos are backed up both locally and in Spartan’s US-based AWS cloud servers so they are always protected. Local storage means you’ll never lose great shots.

Complete Support and Warranty

Spartan stands behind the Gocam with a 2-year warranty. After purchase, just register your camera to receive the full manufacturer’s coverage. You can have peace of mind that your camera will be repaired or replaced free of charge (minus shipping costs) if you ever experience defects or issues.

Their US-based support team is ready and happy to help if you ever have any questions, concerns, or need troubleshooting assistance. Reach out to them via phone, email, or online chat for friendly expert help getting the most out of your new Spartan trail camera.

Shop Now and Start Capturing!

Bring new capabilities to your trail camera and property monitoring with the Spartan Gocam. Visit Amazon now to order yours and join the tens of thousands of satisfied customers enjoying the convenience of cellular game cameras. With unmatched image quality, flexibility, control, and support, the Spartan Gocam is the last camera you’ll ever need.


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