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Stay Hydrated for Your Healthiest Self with the shakeology Glass Water Bottle




Keep yourself energized and powered through your day with the shakeology Glass Water Bottle. Designed for convenience and portability, this BPA-free reusable water bottle provides easy on-the-go hydration wherever life takes you.

With a generous 36oz capacity and protective silicone sleeve, the shakeology Glass Water Bottle is your perfect companion for workouts, travel, the office, or just healthy everyday hydration.

Hydrate Your Healthiest Self

We all know that staying properly hydrated is key to feeling your best mentally and physically. That’s why having a reusable water bottle like the shakeology Glass Water Bottle on hand is so important.

Whether you’re sipping between Beachbody workouts, staying focused during a long workday, or exploring on weekend travels, this bottle keeps cool, refreshing water at your fingertips to keep you performing at your peak.

With 36oz of capacity, you can conveniently carry a full day’s worth of hydration in one hand. The lid twists off smoothly for quick access when you need that next nourishing sip.

Designed for On-The-Go Convenience

The shakeology Glass Water Bottle is thoughtfully designed to keep you hydrated wherever your healthy, active lifestyle takes you.

The protective silicone sleeve on the bottom prevents slips while giving you a non-slip grip. Carry it along for gym workouts, strap it to your backpack for hikes, or toss it in your bag for a day of air travel.

A loop on the lid makes this bottle easy to grab and go. Just stick a couple fingers through the loop whenever you need quick access to hydration. No more fumbling to get a grip on your bottle.

The clear glass lets you see exactly how much water is left. When it’s empty, the 36oz capacity means you can easily refill it from any water fountain or sink.

Durable Glass and Silicone Design

This reusable water bottle is crafted from sturdy glass to withstand daily use. Glass offers a clean, pure taste without any plastic aftertaste from bottles made with cheaper materials.

The protective silicone sleeve on the bottom shields the glass from damage if accidentally dropped. Silicone also provides a good grip to prevent slips.

While the glass is topshelf dishwasher safe, hand washing is recommended to maintain the highest quality standards and ensure the silicone sleeve stays snug.

Versatile for All Your Favorite Beverages

Of course, the shakeology Glass Water Bottle is perfect for water. But its uses don’t stop there!

Use it to blend up your Shakeology shakes, protein smoothies, or to carry any other beverage you love like coffee, tea, juice, and more.

With its generous 36oz capacity, you can carry a full blender batch of your favorite Shakeology flavor. Just add water, ice, and shakeology powder to your blender. Blend it up, pour it into your bottle, and you’ll have delicious energizing nutrition wherever you go!

Shake up Your Healthy Lifestyle!

Staying properly fueled with water and nutrition is key to maintaining the healthy, active lifestyle you love. With the shakeology Glass Water Bottle as your companion, nourishing hydration is always by your side.

Don’t settle for cheap plastic bottles that crack and leak. Choose resilient, reusable glass and treat yourself to clean, refreshing drinks all day.

Pick your favorite color and shake up your healthy lifestyle with reliable on-the-go hydration. The shakeology Glass Water Bottle is a smart investment for your health that will last through all your daily adventures.


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