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Svpro Rechargeable Heated Socks – Stay Warm and Cozy All Winter Long




Keep your feet warm and toasty all winter long with the Svpro Rechargeable Heated Socks. Designed with upgraded heating elements, these electric thermal socks quickly heat up in seconds to provide soothing warmth right where you need it most.

Advanced Heating Technology

At the heart of these heated socks lies an improved heating element that quickly and evenly heats up from the back of the foot. In just a few seconds, these socks generate a comforting warmth that envelops your feet, protecting them from the biting cold of winter. The large capacity rechargeable lithium battery powers the socks for up to 6.5 hours on a single charge.

With an easy-access touch button controller, you can select from 3 adjustable temperature settings to find your ideal warmth level. Keep your feet at a pleasant 105°F for all-day wear, or bump it up to 125°F to banish the most stubborn winter chills. The intelligent temperature control ensures even heating across the entire sock surface while avoiding hotspots and overheating.

Stay Dry and Odor-Free

In addition to superior warmth, the Svpro heated socks are designed for breathability and moisture management. The socks are knit from a blend of elastic, breathable, and moisture-wicking fibers that keep your feet pleasantly dry and fresh. Excess sweat and moisture gets wicked away from the skin, leaving your feet comfortable instead of clammy. This helps reduce foot odor so you can wear the socks all day long.

The smooth seams prevent chafing and irritation, while the elastic cuff offers a customizable fit. The ergonomic design moves with your feet to avoid pinching and discomfort as you go about your daily activities.

Use Them Anywhere

Keep the cold at bay while skiing, snowboarding, hunting, fishing, hiking, motorcycle riding, attending outdoor sporting events, and during every day winter wear. The Svpro heated socks are a versatile way to keep your feet warm in freezing temperatures, no matter the activity.

They make an excellent gift for men and women who are always cold. Surprise your loved ones with the gift of cozy warmth this holiday season.

Outdoor enthusiasts and workers exposed to frigid temperatures love the rechargeable heated socks for keeping frostbite and painfully cold feet at bay. Those with poor circulation find relief from icy feet and improved blood flow while wearing the socks.

How to Use

Using the Svpro heated socks is easy:

1. Fully charge the battery pack before first use via the included USB charging cable.

2. Insert your feet into the socks and pull up over your calves.

3. Connect the attached battery pack and tuck it into your shoe or boot.

4. Double tap the power button to turn on and cycle through the 3 temperature settings by continuing to tap. Select your desired warmth level.

5. Disconnect and recharge the battery pack as needed. A single charge provides up to 6.5 hours of continuous heated runtime.

6. Hand wash the socks in cold water and air dry after each use.


The Svpro heated socks come in a unisex sizing to fit most men and women. Refer to the size chart and select your appropriate size based on your shoe size. The socks fit shoe sizes:

– Small: Fit Women’s 6-8/Men’s 5-7
– Medium: Fit Women’s 8-10/Men’s 7-9
– Large: Fit Women’s 11-13/Men’s 10-12

The elastic cuff allows you to stretch the socks to your ideal tightness and support level.

Key Features:

  • Upgraded heating element quickly warms up in seconds
  • Large rechargeable lithium battery provides up to 6.5 hours of heat
  • 3 adjustable temperature settings from 105°F to 125°F
  • Moisture-wicking, breathable fabric keeps feet dry
  • Smooth seams prevent irritation and blisters
  • Elastic cuff offers customized fit
  • Hand washable and durable
  • Unisex sizing fits men’s shoe size 5-12 and women’s 6-13
  • Includes 1 pair of socks, 1 battery pack, 1 USB charging cable

Relief from Icy Feet at Your Fingertips

Don’t let painfully cold feet hold you back this winter. The Svpro Rechargeable Heated Socks deliver customizable warming relief exactly where you need it most. Slip a pair on before heading out into the snow, and enjoy hours of soothing heat with the touch of a button.


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